Create new user of Homey

I have been trying for weeks to add my family to Homey. It simply doesn’t work!

This is how I do it on my Android phone (owner of Homey):

  1. Open Homey App
  2. Open settings
  3. Open Family & Guests
  4. Click on add user
  5. Select role (I have tried all different roles)
  6. Click on sharable link
  7. Sendt link on email, messenger or nearby share
  8. On receivers phone (Android), clicked on the link. Phone opens a webpage showing Homey icon, and telling me to click on “Open the App”, which I do.
  9. Phone opens Google Play, showing mw Homey app, that I have already downloaded, so I click on Open
  10. Homey app welcomes me, and I have 2 options. “Get started or Log in”, and here it stops me from going further as I have not yet been able to create a new account for the new user!

Experience is the same when new user has an iPhone. No automatic login and also goes via App Store to open the App and we are met with the same welcome screen on the Homey App.

Can you please fix this!!

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Answer to an old question, but it might be useful anyway…

I struggled with adding a new user yesterday and ran in to the above problem also… THE SOLUTION was to log the receiver phone of the wifi and resend the link. This resulted in a popup where it was possible to accept the invitation.

Did you send the invite via Whatsapp?

I used sms for the link

I am struggling to add my wife.

Any idea how to solve it?

Hi Sonny, do you know something else that could work. Because the receiver still gets the same link. To download the app. Also when te wifi is off. The app is on the phone.