Not able to invite my family member to Homey

I sent an invitation to my wife to join Homey. She has the application already installed but when she’s opening the URL it’s keep asking to install Homey and redirecting to Google Play.

Is there any other way I can invite my wife to Homey?

This might help:
Turn the font and all magnification settings to minimum.
Then a link appears on the bottom of the screen.

The only message my wife can see is to download the app. I already saw that more users has the same issues. I hope that someone from Homey will fix it.

Got the exact same issue on iOS. When you invite a user, they can open the link but it only throws them to the Appstore page to download the app. It does not redirect directly to the app or give an option to enter an invite link anywhere.

It depends on the app that is used to share the link, some set a redirect URL before it. (Like Google Mail)
Pls try to send the bare invite link, maybe use another app to share and open that link on the receiver’s phone where the App already is installed.

It finally worked after a bunch of times when I changed to 5G on my phone :slight_smile:

Update: it has something to do with a domain that is blocked with pi-hole and nextdns. Havent figured out what it is exactly. If you use those the invite link wont do anything. When you switch DNS to for example it will work fine.


it may be the case as I’m using a pi-hole. I will double check tomorrow if it’s working over LTE.