Life 365

I have installed Life 365 app however when I go to use it in a flow I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

Do you have a link to the App? I can’t find it.


Did you add any user(s) as device?

Connect360 is the link

Sorry but how do I do that?

Create user(s) in the life360 app (official, not Homey app) if you didn’t do so yet, after that it is the same like adding any other device in Homey.

Is Life 365 supported by Homey (Integration? couldn’t find any App?)
I use it in a HA setup and it works great, would really like to move it to Homey

The app was beta only when Athom went to the new app store, so needs to be resubmitted by the developer to show up in the (new) app store again

Hi Caseda,
Just got back to playing with my Homey. I didn’t realise you treated Life 360 as a device. Thanks that helped. My problem now is when I install it as a device I get three iPhones called Glenn installed. By the way I am installing this on my iPad. I have deleted any old phones from my iPad . None of the phones show any data eg distance from home, speed, battery etc just blanks. Also if I try to use one in a flow I can’t find any places even though there are some in the Life 360 app.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.