Home Assistant App?

I’ve just started using Home Assistant for some things that Homey doesnt work with and I swear that I saw once there was an app for Homey to connect to HA

Search in the apps is coming up blank - did i dream this or is it no longer supported?

The Home Assistant App was never available in the offiziell Store only in the Community App Store, as far i know.

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Yups, Homey Community Store

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mostly connected via MQTT

No, it uses the HA websocket API.

Thanks all. I can’t believe I didn’t know the community store existed til now!

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Hey everyone - qq. I’ve got the Homey Community Store installed on my Homey, but I’m still seeing all the Install buttons in the store greyed out - am I missing a step?

EDIT: Seems I was missing a step. The ‘exit’ button in the green circle allows login!

Yeah, it’s not very straightforward, is it? :crazy_face:

Super straightforward when you know what you’re looking for - an exit icon wasn’t exactly what I had in mind to log-in tho :wink:

I’d suggest changing the icon or at the very least adding the login step to the FAQ

EDIT: LOL - seems you’re one step ahead :rofl:

Hehe. It might be inspired by the Windows OS. Because there you have to press Start if you want to stop🤣

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From a very reliable source I heard that is being worked on! :wink:

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Since we’re discussing updates - is there any way to filter out apps that are in the official app store?
(I know the FAQ says that everyone is welcome, but would be good to be able to see what we’re missing out on)

This integration is not working anymore.

Try restarting the Homey Community Store app. If that doesn’t work then uninstall it and install it again from the HCS website.