[APP][Pro] EEVE (Personal Robot)

Willow, your Personal Robot.

For everyone with a Willow (formerly known as Toadi), you can now integrate her in Homey.

:exclamation:When adding your Willow, don’t forget to change the ip-address.
There is currently no mDNS or ARP supported on Willow so no auto discovery possible yet from my side, if anyone could help to make discovery possible anyway, let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can also modify the interval for the sensors in the settings of your device.

Download the app here: EEVE App voor Homey | Homey

There’s a test version with a lot of new stuff as wel in test phase: EEVE App voor Homey | Homey

Let me know if you’d like to see extra sensors/flows/features.

Have fun,


Great idea!

Bit offtopic: are you satisfied with Toadi? Because a lot of reviews are quite negative.

I am still in doubt to buy Toadi or Navimow. (Segway)

Hi Pieter,

I’m overall very happy with my Willow, now and then I have to rescue her out of a well in my garden but that can be easily fixed.
She finds her docking station pretty much every day and seeing her improve now and then through software updates is just amazing to me.

If you live in Belgium, you can always request a demo at the headquarters.

I have Segway Navimow. There are some issues and a huge potential for improvements. For me works really well and many updates solving problems are ongoing. For me it is the best gadget using GPS instead of wire around your yard.
I would love to if some could implement it into Homey :+1:

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I also have the Navimow, and indeed they are a lot of things to be improved, but the idea is fine.
Segway has the inplementstion fo an api on their roadmap, so as soon as it is available we can make an app

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Is there any news/update on a Navimow/Segway app by any chance? :grinning:

They still don’t have an API, so no app yet

Hi any news about the app?

I also would love an app for the Segway Navimow.

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