Robot vacuum and Homey

Its a happy moment at home. Its the first time that the wife has asked for a smart device herself! After years of hearing “we dont need that at home”, she asked to look for a Robot vacuum (with mopping functionality). The price can go up to €500 (if that was so easy with other smart devices :crazy_face:).

Im looking at a Roborock, because i read allot of good stuff about it. And offcourse possible connection with Homey.

What I can see is that’s possible with the Roborock s50 but not the s5 max (the one that I prefer). But what is the advantage of connecting with Homey? Do you guys have examples? I can think of a flow which we are away from home and the roborock starts working. But i expect this functionality also with the Roborock app.

Because of the specs I prefer the s5 Max. So im looking for experiences of you guys using a robot vacuum with Homey.

Btw: it can be an experience with any Robot vacuum and Homey. Roborock was my first thought, but im open for suggestions (price range up to €500 and has to be one with mopping functionality).


S5max runs perfect hear.
Cli custom install is requierd.

I can run robot when you away from home

Hmm do you mean? you got it working with Homey?
Can you explain how? Reading that people cant connect the s5 max.


I have the S5max in use and I love it. The integration into Homey is difficult, but not impossible.

Some notes on that:

Homey app
Current "official" Xiaomi Homey app is not S5max compatible, you have to install custom app for it, with CLI installation. I tried the custom app, but room cleaning, zone cleaning or go to target functions don’t work in it. As far as I tested only stop, go to dock and clean (whole house cleaning) worked.

I have Node-red dashboard in use with Homey and I use the Node-red roborock integration with the S5max and it works great. All the same functions as in Xiaomi app are available. Some of the statuses and error codes didn’t work, but it didn’t bother me.

Token for vacuum integration
Getting the token needed for the integration to Homey app or Node-red is tricky also. There are different possibilities to get the token.

How I use the vacuum automation

  1. When all are away clean the house. And when away for longer time clean every day.
  2. When fireplace is started, clean the are around the fireplace.
  3. When are of 150m2 is cleaned go automatically to trashcan and inform me that the vacuum is full and has to be emptied
  4. I have also made multiple buttons to my dashboard so I can easily order the cleaning into a specific room.
  5. I’m eager to hear if others have figured out some other automations…
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How do you track how many m2 is done?


I collect the cleaning area data from the vacuum and every time the vacuum goes to the dock I add the area into area sum variable. If the area sum variable is 150m2 larger than the area sum when the vacuum has been emptied before the vacuum goes to the trash can.

I understand how you add this to a variable. But are these variable something you can choose in the Homey (vacuumcleaner app) or have you add each zone as a better logic variable?
Can you place a screenshot of your flow, and i would be really happy

I don’t use the Homey app for vacuum. I use the Node-red integration as I explained in the previous post. From there I can get the measured cleaning area straight from the vacuum cleaner measurement.

Here are the flows. They are in finnish so might be hard to understand

EDIT: The better logic tags in shared flows are not working. Homey problem :grimacing:

Look like next level for me now, but interesting to looking further into. I ordered the s5 max. Will start “playing” with it, when it comes.

Maybe I just first get use to it with using the Roborock app (or Xiaomi Home app??). Maybe another question. What do you guys recommend to use the s5 max with (without Homey), Roborock or Xiaomi app? Im just wondering if there any significant difference.

Xiaomi home app. Because the token will not expire.

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I think you also need to have static ip-adress so that token will not expire.

I think i will not use the roborock with Homey for now. I use the Xiaomi app for my sensors and the roborock must be used also by the wife. So i think i will use the roborock app for now, because i can easily want to share the app with the wife (without taking the risk that she will by accident remove sensors).

Maybe in the future i will think to connect it with Homey. Thank you for your answers, appreciate it!

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Good points, the most important thing in home automation is to make life easier to every user.

Every now and then I forget that and get some angry calls from my family :wink:


I think the most of us have the same “problem”…

Someone on GitHub has made a new app. Now Homey can change fan speed and waterlevel and also room cleaning and zone cleaning should work. For me I’ve found no issues at all. It’s really great what you can do with homey and roborock.