Suggestions for presence (home/away) detection


I am just starting to work with homey and I wanted to reach out for suggestions / best practices on home/away detection so that the system knows when I (+ optionally additional persons) are in the house.

I first tried to do it with my nuki system but thats a) slow and b) since I only have version 1 of nuki, can only be triggered when the door is unlocked (which I usually don’t do, I just open it with nuki but there’s no trigger for that).

I might be able to use the tado home/away status. Didn’t try so far but having something unique for that purpose somehow feels better.

What’s currently the best way / gadget to do this which works fast and flawlessly with homey? I’m thinking of something like a beacon which I can wear on my keyring or something like that.

Thanks in advance

i use macrodroid now for presence, it works awesome…

how exactly do you trigger the status in homey from macrodroid?

Could you be more specific please. I’m also interested in a potential way to let macrodroid communicate with Homey. Thanks

I use webhooks for the communication between macrodroid and Homey.

Thank you for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case I think I will have to learn something new :+1: :smile: