Suggestions for presence (home/away) detection


I am just starting to work with homey and I wanted to reach out for suggestions / best practices on home/away detection so that the system knows when I (+ optionally additional persons) are in the house.

I first tried to do it with my nuki system but thats a) slow and b) since I only have version 1 of nuki, can only be triggered when the door is unlocked (which I usually don’t do, I just open it with nuki but there’s no trigger for that).

I might be able to use the tado home/away status. Didn’t try so far but having something unique for that purpose somehow feels better.

What’s currently the best way / gadget to do this which works fast and flawlessly with homey? I’m thinking of something like a beacon which I can wear on my keyring or something like that.

Thanks in advance

First welcome to this communty.

Second and maybe you not gonna like it, but there are 1000 post about precense. So really advise to take some time to read and search the forum.

There are a lot of different option to make it work, and what for person 1 works could not work for the other.

Big chance this topic wil be clossed for the same reasson i mentiond, thats up to the modartors.

i use macrodroid now for presence, it works awesome…

how exactly do you trigger the status in homey from macrodroid?

Could you be more specific please. I’m also interested in a potential way to let macrodroid communicate with Homey. Thanks

I use webhooks for the communication between macrodroid and Homey.

Thank you for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case I think I will have to learn something new :+1: :smile: