Room presence

Hello. So I have now been searching for a good room presence system for a while and have never found a good one.
This is what I found today:
This is something I could try because I carry with me my phone at home where ever I go, also this might work with apple watch in the future?
Maybe Homey also could do an app for this product, then I would totally buy this :slight_smile:

But does anybody else have any similar option that is already working with homey?
Or maybe something even better than device presence, something like human body heat presence :smiley:

But I guess crownstone isnt supported by Homey? Right?


Found some info on github:
Seems like its not just added to the store.

they are working on it (Crownstone)

Isn’t this an option?

Yeah it was a good release from Homey :slight_smile: really like it! Problem with motion sensor and door sensor is that if you sit still or doesnt move Homey will think your not in the room, for example when watching a movie. At the same time it would be really cool to know how many ppl are in a room and also who is in the room and make flows for each user in the room

dumb question. didnt we already have this with grouping of motion sensors?

I’m really thinking how to use this zone feature.

I suppose I can use it to ensure the whole home zone is activated to prevent premature “nobody home” triggers when I have probs with presence (I use smart presence)

I’m not sure how it helps motion sensors in rooms, since I can already do actions based on grouped motion sensors say in my living room.

But I certainly wouldn’t want to put my living room lights in the lighting room zone since I would want it to turn off when living room motion sensor stopped.

Tell me what I’m missing?

The only added value for this, that I can imagine, is that you don’t need ‘yet another app’ (saves a bit of RAM), and that, if you, for whatever reason need to replace your sensor, you don’t need to fix all your flows, as they are room based and not sensor based.

Other than that, I also don’t really see a practical benefit of this specific update, but I’m sure Athom had requests for it or has something smart in mind for this.

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actually I dont think I needed another app
in fact I think you would have to seperate out your motion sensors in a seperate zone to use them.

eg If you put your living room sensors and living room lights in the living room zone, the living room would always be activated once the motion sensors turns on living room lights and you couldn’t turn off the livining room lights by lack of motion as the living room is still activated so you couldnt use “living room zone is not activated” as a trigger.

I suspect the clever use could be with hierarchies of zones. Eg As long as any zone is activated the whole house zone is activated, which you could use for more reliable presence (works for only one person though).

still thinking of other clever used

I like the zones feature. I use the group app to group the different areas and set timers to timeout my activity/inactivity… having this built into the zone feature, I can greatly reduce the amount of flows I run now!

Thats why and for other reasons i alteady made a feature request at athom for, extra flow cards in the “then” part. Cards like set room active and set inactive.

The RoomMe is more polished e.g. setting room ‘owners’ to override others but it basically boils down to iBeacons and an app. So yes it should (eventually) be available for an Apple Watch or similar. Like all these types of approach it is hamstring by the requirement that people always carry their phone with them at all times. This is particularly problematic for children who might not be old enough to have a phone or even an iPod Touch which might otherwise do the job.

In the interests of completeness devices like PIR sensors will stop detecting a person if they stop moving, the Samsung Presence and similar are only able to report someone arriving or leaving a house and are not accurate enough for room level control.

I am surprised no-one has yet released a commercial product to use WiFi interference patterns which can be analysed and used to detect human presence and motion. See -

Anyway a different approach which might be worth looking at is the one used by this product -

It uses a camera to ‘count’ literally people in and out of rooms, no need to carry a phone. :slight_smile:

Seen this Hiome before. looks very nice but very pricey also. When i wanna cover all doors it’s gonna cost me like 1000 dollars. Just buy 1 to test for 159 dollars is also a bit too much. But have to admit: looks good!

I have RooMe in my House, questions recommend

I struggle with the zones false positives. So much so my home has never not been ‘active’.

When my dishwasher opens, as the dishes are done the contact alarm triggers … and my house thinks someone is home.

When I leave my pantry door open then contact sensor stays active and homey see smy house as ‘active’.

When the motion sensors on my cameras trigger, (like the postman dropping off items) my house becomes ‘active’.

If a window is left open to let some air into the house,. my house is ‘active’.

This means the entire ‘feature’ is completely useless for ‘home automation’ and generally.

I contacted support and was told and I quote

Unfortunately, the issue you encountered with the door/window sensors is how Homey works/acts. You could try to catch this by changing the default position (possible with most sensors) through the device’s advanced settings.

Brilliant, the house would then be active when my dishwasher is dirty instead of clean … or my windows are closed instead of open.

Its pitty, it could have been a cool feature but :zzz::no_good_man::-1:

Sounds like you need proper reorg of zones for this to work.

But I agree the feature sounds cool but is basically grouping of devices with hierarchy, you need to reorg to get best of it.

! Screenshot_20190604-134116|243x500

A Screenshot in the App how it works, you can choose how to work a charm when a specific time, date sunset/sunrise and more conditions.

I was looking for something like that, but then just the other way. If my phone connects to a bluetooth device it activates a zone. e.g. a bluetooth temperature meter from xiaomi in a room.