Everyone happy?

Ive been using homey (pro) for aboute 6 month now. And im woundering if all you ppl are happy with the homey.? I struggle not to go back to my smartthing, manly becouse of stabilty. Is it just me?

Regards a bit frustrated user.

Using homey for three years and still happy😄





1,5 year and still quite happy. Although there sure are some difficulties, i won’t deny that. But it does what it should do for me, so…


2 years and more then happy. A 100% 24/7
for years working wireless domotica systeem isnt availble. Zwave/zigbee :+1:working flawless. And thats the main part that iam using. Presence detection 1000% working with the beacon app. Ir 433 not using so cant say anything about that

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Same overhere. Still have a few old kaku shit, also working as aspect.

I’m not a happy user, but content. My reason to not be happy is not due to instability. What is it that you are running in to?

my biggest issue is that its not stabel… one day/hour its working all fine… then some hours/days, the homey says that it have preformed as flow shuld. but nothing happens… most with one of my traafri bulbs (that happend after the last update ikea app had) and the outer is my danalock, sometimes it says looked… but my door is still unlooked… what presence app are you using Peter_de_Vos?

I realy want too love my homey… but at the moment i could have throw it way out at the northen see. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the beacon app with tile pro 2018 for presence, but also use life360 app for other geofence notifications, witch works also very accurate

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Is it possible to use phone Bluetooth on beacon app? Or just tile?

Just tile i ques

Oki. Now i lost my connection with one of the traadfri bulbs again. “Stuck” on ON. :roll_eyes: Got error timeout. I also use a traadfri repetere. Any one of you that have had some issues with them?

I know it sounds silly, but have you tried to make your homey sphere without power for 30 minutes. Quite a few people have confirmed that this resolved a lot of strange issues.so literally pull the plug, wait 30 minutes and plug it. The waiting is important.

I recently had a simular issue with a motion detector (hue outdoor). The bulb which lives 60 cm next to it worked fine, but the motion detector wasn’t recieved anymore.

I moved homey to another part of my house (which was something I wanted to do anyway) and now I have no issues. I’m not sure if it was the time during moving it, or the physical relocation that fixed it for me though.

Edit: Do you have the zigbee or zwave danalock?

ill try to take the power for a while. just done like 10 sekunds before.
i have zwave danalook. and use bluetooth connection also. feels more stabil with the bluetooth connection also.

After some playing around I am using Homey seriously for about 6 months now.
Very happy about the possibilities and mostly also about the functionality.
Only the occasional random Fibaro switch/dimmer not turning on or off while Homey states it did (wrong status) worries me a lot for times when I am not at home to see and correct. The fact it does not switch is acceptable, displaying the wrong status is not.
My X-mas wish would be reliable status :grinning:

Lot of questions from your side in this topic, and dont get me wrong. But i read nothing about your setup?

How you think that we can help you?? its not a gambling show.

So start with giving information, because your tslking about presence, zigbee, zwave ect.

What brands your having what type of devices. Do you have a mesh? In zwave and zigbee ect ect.

Also its gonna be unclear when discuss several different problems in one topic. Glad to help but info info info info

Using Homey almost for a year and i’m very happy with it despite some ‘hick-ups’ with my Z-wave motion sensors from Coolcam.

I do noticed that, during a year of visiting this forum, people tend to have a lot of issues with lighting other than Philips Hue. I understand why people choose for cheaper options like Tradfri but it doesn’t always seem to work out for the best.

My Homey communicates with a Hue Bridge and a bunch of Hue lights on several floors and rooms and it has always worked like a charm.

Despite the expensive price of Hue i get a reliable lighting system in return with a high level of performance.

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I use both Homey and Telldus and both works quite well. But sometimes both Homey and Telldus miss part of a flow. Especialy now at Christmas a device can still be on during the night. It happens randomly on both Homey and I control both with Alexa and if I tell the device to turn iff it works.

I also have problems with Traadfri, but they are the same as I had with HomeSeer. I regard it as “you get what you pay for”. I am in the process of replacing all of my Traadfri. Hue has never acted this way.

That being said, Homey does become quite cluttered really fast when building flows. It has no way of competing with HomeSeer, unless you’re running a moderate setup. And that’s unfortunate, because HomeSeer really sucks (!!!) in gui. I’m still confused, after 15 years with HS. Maybe HomeAssistant is turning into the best option after all, given their major GUI upgrades lately.

How do you get Homey to Bluetooth on Dana lock , I have the same trouble and the worst is that in the app it say it is locked but it isn’t