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Homey App active or closed te register presence

does anybody know if the new homey app has to be active on the device to detect presence.

My wife came home to day from work and the app on my Phone did not register her as “home”. When i opened the app on her phone i had a pushnote that she was home. Also the timeline showed she was home

and another topic about the precense detection.

Dont get me wrong, but the are already a lot of topic about the precense detection so i dont see any reasson why opening another one??


Dont you think is searched for that. ? The only thing i could find was About iT should be better in 2.0
Get al Little sick of people with this kind of comments in this community

Didn`t say the answer to your question is given in another topic :wink: just that there already lots of topic about precense isseus. So there for it make no sense to ME to start another one.

And only for the reasson, if anyone start topics with simulair things after a while its gonna be big mess and you never gonna find a answer.

But iam not asking to agree with me ofcourse

But if we gonna talk like that, maybe just maybe think by yourself…… if its a good thing to have in about a month 25 topics about the precense.