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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

I had trouble with Beacon not detecting the events when I leave home or come back, for instance it would show me as home for hours after I’d left. Worked around it by rerunning my “beacon status changed” flow every 10 minutes. Eventual consistency - good enough for my purpose.

Great app! This app make beacons usable in an new way. One thought, many beacons (all?) have a button that is made for triggering a signal on the phone when used with a phone. Could this button be used to trigger flows in homey?

For example, pressing the button on my beacon triggers a flow to turn off all lights when leaving home. Or, pressing the button opens the garage and so on…

Just a thought that would even expand the use of beacons. Maybe impossible, I don’t know.

@Koktail could you please edit this warning and also include the Mate 2020? Probably will save others from buying one too :cry:

Because the Pro 2020 was explicitly mentioned as not working, I didn’t even give it a second thought before buying a Mate 202x (and yeah I should have read the 763 messages in this topic :see_no_evil: )

UPDATE: After playing around a bit with the room assistant setup (next post), all of a sudden it seems like it discovered the Tile Mate 2020 as an ibeacon…very very strange

Also another question, I have installed the room-assistant companion app on my iPhone (installed it for testing room presence functionality) and noticed the Beacon app also detects it, which sounds amazing!

Unfortunately, it seems everything is working RSSI gets updated etc, but after a few minutes, the state changes to detectable: NO and can’t find a way to get it working again, other than deleting and adding the beacon again.

Does anyone have a great idea how to resolve this?

UPDATE: After adding the device a couple of times, the connection now seems stable for 15+ minutes, but after i disconnect (for example leave the house) and get back, it does not reconnect.

@Koktail i have now 2 Tile Mate 2020’s working, are the people that posted it shouldn’t work incorrect (and is it different from the Tile Pro), or did you maybe update the app since people reported it and is it now working? (it is discovered as an Ibeacon, not as a beacon)

There are some changes made by @Piero_F that add compatibility for ibeacons and eddystones.

Ah okay, well it seems the Time Mate 2020 work, maybe someone can test the Tile Pro 2020 too.

If someone does want to try:

  1. Install the Tile app on your phone
  2. Install the Beacon app on Homey
  3. Connect the tile to the phone app
  4. Hide the tile on the phone app (select the tile, click more options, hide)
  5. In homey, add a device, select beacon, ibeacon
  6. It will not find anything, click back (so you can add beacons again)
  7. Press the tile until it beeps
  8. While it’s beeping, try to select ibeacon again and see if it can be found.

I don’t know why step 5-6 are necessary, but it won’t discover the first time with me even when you press the button in step 7 without doing 5 & 6 (maybe you can also do step 7-8 twice lol), might be different on the Pro, but steps 5-6 are at most unnecessary)

The above works with a Tile Mate 2020, added 3 now, might also work with the Pro, but don’t have one to test with

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