Atag ONE app

What is the (technical) reason that the Atag one app from Marcel Timmerman no ​​longer works on the new Homey Pro 2023?
It must be possible that an app that has been used for years on the old version can be easily adjusted so that it also works on the new version. I understand that it is not an official app supplied by Atag, but someone from the homey development team should be able to adapt the existing app from Marcel Timmermans so that it also works on the 2023 version.

Hi Henk,

Most apps have their own topic, thanks.
There’s a chance you’ll find info in that topic about the status (none, abandoned, open to transfer and such).

You’ll find all support info at the bottom of the app store app pages:

If you want Athom to check with a long time (let’s say 12 months) unresponsive developer, I think writing to support is the best option
Chances are quite small I think.

The app uses an outdated SDK version that isn’t supported anymore on the HP2023.

Athom doesn’t have enough manpower to update every outdated app. Besides that, there can be copyright issues, you can’t always just take someone else’s code and change it.

@HenkS as you can see in the app support forum topic there are more users requesting this.

As stated above I think it’s your best change to get heard, but if someone is listening…… :thinking:

You can also download the code from GitHub, make the modifications yourself and install this via cli method :+1:

This is how I modified this app a few years ago.