What can be done if a specific app are not updated?

I have noticed that some of the apps for Homey haven’t been updated for a long time with messages to the developer not being responded. Does this mean that the developer has “gone” and that the app is “dead”, or are there anything that can be done to get the app up to regular refresh rate?

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If the developer has moved on then the only hope is that another developer will take on the app. However that requires the cooperation of the old developer to transfer the app and make the source code available.
If the old developer doesn’t respond to requests to transfer the app then I think Athom can step in as a last resort to transfer it. But that still requires that the source code is available and the license the old developer added allows it or the new developer is prepared to start from scratch.

So the first step is to find another developer that is willing to take it on.

Thanks for clearing this, but I must say that this scares me a lot. Having worked in the computer software industry for many years, we have always secured company interest’s with all external developers in a way that gives us the rights to continue using the source code if the external developer should decide to move on to something else. What I understand from what you are saying is that the ATOM company and its costumers (Homey users) might experience an app they can’t use if errors in the app should occur or new functions in Homey causes problems in an app that no one will/can fix for a specific app. I hope I have understood this incorrectly. I would assume that most of the Homey users are not capable of handling this so, if correctly understood I hope the Atom company can take a stronger leadership for such situations.
I love my Homey Pro but need a long living system for all my smart devices.

Third party Homey app developers don’t get paid by Athom, they don’t have a contract with Athom, and they don’t sign over any (intellectual property) rights to Athom, so Athom cannot “take over” apps or decide to grant another developer the right to continue developing an app. Previously, third party apps were required to be open source, but that’s no longer a requirement for apps.

It has been Athom’s choice to set up the Homey ecosystem like this.


Hi again Robert and thanks for answering this also. I have nothing to add but feels a bit sad around this.


Just to add, the community apps are written by enthusiasts because they wanted support for the specific devices. They have then shared the app with the rest of the Homey users so everyone can benefit. At the same time they have taken on the task of supporting the app to add more functionality and dedicate a lot of time completely free.
The alternative is that Homey wouldn’t have support for the devices and services at all.
So I think the benefits outway the risk.

Athom are making changes to the system and are trying to get manufacturers on board to support their devices. But that still doesn’t guarantee continued support.