Can i download an app from Homey to try to develop it further?


I have a IKEA Trådfri Gateway-app on my Homey, and it works great. But, since its launch IKEA has launched new products, but these does not show up in Homey. Sadly, the app is no longer maintained and is removed from the app store.

I have a basic understanding of code, and i might be able to add the new devices, if i can read and work on the code of the app, but to do that i would need to download the code from Homey - Is this possible?

If the code for the app you want to change/continue to develop is available on Github that’s the way to get it. Else you will have to ask the developer directly.

I guess the app you are referring to is this one:

If so, start a Github account, make a fork of the code, download it and change/develop it as you want.

Perfect - Didnt think to search github… doh

Thank you :smiley:

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Usually the source code is available. That’s the spirit of the original Homey project and most contributors participate this way.

However Athom, of recent date, seems to be moving away from this which is worrying. Exacerbated by their release problems of recent times… Not a comforting direction.

e.g. a rather somewhat incomplete Sonos offering.

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Great idea Thomas!

I really hope you get the gateway to work with Homey. This is the final puzzle piece for me in my setup.

If you have not noticed:
The developer came around and released the app to beta status on the App Store :smiley: Way to go Rogier!

Happy days :smile:
Great work Rogier!