IKEA Trådfri Gateway outdated for new Pro?

Due to the hassle of connecting IKEA devices to Homey directly I opted to use the IKEA Trådfri Gateway app by Rogier Hofboer. It works great, except a minor issue with setting a random color, which after some time just stops working and sets the light to white again and again.

On the app homepage I read that it’s outdated and will not work with the new Pro, which I have pre-ordered. Does anyone know if any development is still ongoing for this app, or I will have to start migrating all my IKEA devices to Homey directly?

Hi Karl, best and quickest way is asking the developer.

If no support links are provided for, you can search for Robert Hofboer here.
(I tried, nothing…)

Wait. Here’s his github:

When no response in a few weeks or so,
You then can request at Athom if they would contact Robert, and if Robert is willing to transfer the app to an other developer

Hi Rogier, will there be an update to SDK3 for the Ikea Tradfri gateway app?

Hi all,

At the moment I am not using the gateway app myself, but zigbee2mqtt.
So personally, there is no incentive to update the app. Pull requests are always welcome and if someone wants to commit to maintain the app more actively than I am doing right now, I’d be happy to transfer the app to another developer.

Also, the latest 5-button remote firmware update seems to cause troubles with 'the left/right arrow support: IKEA TRADFRI remote control, color temperature not working · Issue #1232 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub
So, I am not eager to connect them to the Tradfri gateway at the moment (because they will get updated).

That said, I’ve planned to look into updating the app to SDK v3 at the end of December. Maybe it’s not that much work and I hope more is clear about the third-party left/right support for the 5-button remote with the most recent firmware.


Thank you for the update!
I will await migrating all the devices for now. I don’t expect the new Pro will show up until well into 2023. I am hoping the app will get updated to SDK v3, but understand completely if it doesn’t happen, since you are not using the app yourself anymore.

Hi Rogier,

Is it possible to give an update about the update to SDK3?

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I think there are quite a few people using your app, and who also wants to migrate to the new Pro in a not too distant future, so any updates on the SDKv3 migration of your app would be welcome.

From what I have read, the required changes to support SDKv3 seems to be quite small in most cases. It would be really appreciated if you could find some time to look into this.



I also think that there are many users of your app.
When you look in the [[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list] The link to the Ikea Tradfri Gateway app is the most clicked link to check if the app wil get an update.

For me this is still a great app for my complete lightplan in my house…The ikea hub to controle the zigbee lamps (and powerplugs) including firmware updates and homey for the smart flows to switch the lights and powerplugs on and off…
Please don’t leave us in the dark…

I know @Arie_J_Godschalk has offered help to other developers in updating apps to SDK 3.
Perhaps he can help you out, @rogierhofboer?

I know Arie is a busy man because of the much appreciated support he offers, but perhaps he can find some time…

Just send a message to the dev if i can update and he will then publish and maintain or if i can take over.


Hi All,

With many thanks to Espen Ljosland, there is a v3 version available of the app to test.
If there are no showstoppers reported, it will be published.

To try use:

Also Arie, thanks for you offer to help, but when I received your email, the pull request of Espen was already waiting to be reviewed. At the moment I am using the Gateway myself again, so there is a bigger incentive to keep the app updated.

Best regards,