Looking for developer who can work on an app which developer stopped working on


Im looking for someone to assist on taking on an app already on Homey App Store and helping to add a few new devices and tweak some non working devices. I don’t mind paying the developer for his time if needed.

I can share further details in private message.

Kindly private message me if anyone is interested.

Do you have the original developer’s permission to ask this?

No I have not asked the developer mainly because

  1. The app has not been developed or updated for over 2 years now.
  2. There have been some requests but the developer has not responded (assuming he is no longer developing or not available)
  3. And the main reason is, I was the one who contacted the developer 2 years ago to update the app, and I also sent him sample devices so he could add these devices on the app. He added it on the app, however as per his promise to return back those devices to me, he never did. Again, could be lots of reason behind it, hence I am not going to mention the app name in public.

Im looking for someone who can update this app by me giving him/her all the relevant info, because id rather pay the developer for his time, than waste money in paying the shipping companies by sending the samples to the developer.

Hence, my need for a freelance developer.

The developer can decide to build the app from scratch if he wishes to.

Depending on the license of the original app, they may have to to prevent running into copyright issues. Even if the original developer has abandoned their app, their code is still their code. If they have published it under a liberal license, it may serve as a starting point for a new developer, but it entirely depends on the original license (if there isn’t an explicit license mentioned, you’re out of luck).

Thank you Robert for this insight. Again I dont wish to mention the app or developer in a public forum. Is it ok if I send you a private message and you can check on the licensing part.

Sure :+1:t2:

If you want the app published in the store under the same ID (so existing installations can be updated) then the original developer will need to transfer the app to the new developer.

I have taken over one app that hadn’t been update for a couple of years and went through the process of contacting the original developer. Without their consent Athom won’t transfer it.