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I have a question regarding app development, now Homey v2 is around the corner and updates are needed.
It is great that people create apps, and I guess we all love them for it.

But, what happens when the support stops, for example when the creator loses interest, doesn’t care anymore, or in the worst scenario, dies for example?

I found a few bugs in an app which is pretty important to me (in my home), which annoy me.
Ofcourse, there is a GitHub repository and anyone can contribute to the code, but it has to be merged by the owner.

Say, if I wanted to create my own version of a specific app, is it allowed twice in the ‘app store’?
What are the thoughts about this in the community?
How do we prevent apps are ‘dying’, or prevent they don’t get the attention they ‘deserve’ when updates/upgrades are needed?

Looking forward to hear from you.

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If the owner of the app gives away ownership it can easily be transferred to a new developer (this is the best option as users can keep using this app with improvements, but you’ll need to try and get into contact with the original owner)

or if an app is neglected enough you can also ask athom to hand over the ownership, though you of course do need a good reason for it (like it not working anymore or the support is too bad)

Normally a second app that supports the same brand is not accepted, though there have been made exceptions.

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