Aqara/Xiaomi - which devices can be updated?

Hi all,

I use a lot of Aqara/Xiaomi devices with my Homey. Since Homey cannot update firmware of devices, I was wondering if it would be good to connect some devices once-in-a-while to a Aqara Hub (I own a G2 Cam that acts as a hub too) to update firmware.

Do any of you know which Aqara/Xiaomi devices use firmware? I use buttons, motion sensors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, cube, double relay, etc…

If I know for sure a device does not have updatable firmware, there’s no need to connect them to the hub as well.

If there’s a changelog somewhere of firmware for devices of these brands, that would be even better. But haven’t been able to find such… ;(

Here is a list of what we know so far:
(with thanks to @robertklep)

CAN be updated:

  • Aqara motion sensor
  • Aqara vibration sensor
  • Aqara water sensor
  • Aqara wireless switch double
  • Aqara/Xiaomi cube
  • Xiaomi light sensor

CANNOT be updated:

  • Aqara occupancy sensor
  • Aqara door and window sensor
  • Aqara temperature/humidity/pressure sensor
  • Aqara wireless switch
  • Xiaomi illumination sensor

Please let me know if the above is incorrect of if you have any additions.
For to be exact, we might have to need modelnumbers; but let’s see if people are interested in such a list her. :slight_smile:

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Looking at some of my Xiaomi devices:

  • illumination sensor: cannot be updated
  • multi sensor (temp/hum/pressure): cannot be updated
  • vibration sensor: can be updated
  • cube: can be updated
  • water sensor: can be updated
  • open/close sensor: cannot be updated
  • motion sensor: some can be updated, some can’t
  • button: cannot be updated
  • double switch: can be updated

I’m looking for the presence of the OTAU cluster to determine if a device can be updated or not. I don’t know if that’s the only way for devices to be updated, nor do I know if devices that have the OTAU cluster can actually be updated.

Be aware that pairing the devices with an Aqara hub effectively removes them from Homey, breaking any flows that depend on it.

Thanks @robertklep!
Are you referring to Xiaomi or Aqara devices? Can you specify? I see both, I think…

Is that easy to determine for a non-dev like me? :wink: If yes, how?

That’s exactly why I’d like to know upfront if a device can be updated or not… :slight_smile:

I can’t be bothered to find the exact model types, but taken from the Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee app page, these are the ones I have:

  • Aqara wireless switch
  • Aqara wireless switch double
  • Xiaomi light sensor
  • Aqara Door and Window Sensor
  • Occupancy sensor (these aren’t updateable)
  • Aqara Motion Sensor (these are updateable)
  • Aqara Vibration Sensor
  • Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Cube

And the water sensor, which isn’t supported by Homey I guess.

I use deCONZ to check which clusters are supported, I don’t think that Homey provides a means of checking which clusters a device supports.

Any particular reason why you want to update firmware anyway, besides “I just want to run the latest version”? I don’t think I’ve ever run into issues with any of these devices that required a firmware update.

No particular reason indeed. That why it would be interesting to have a changelog.
I have a few devices still unused and knowing whether or not they run firmware could mean to first connect them to a hub to see if there are any updates, before connecting them to Homey.

Talk is that the water sensor needs a Zigbee rewrite from Homey before they are supported. As well as smoke detectors on Zigbee.

I will update the first post so we can keep track of devices which are/aren’t update-able. That way we don’t have to scroll through all the replies here.
Would be nice if you could check if I have noted them correctly, once I am done.

Thanks again!

The water sensors use the IAS (Intruder Alarm System) Zone cluster (which Homey doesn’t support, I guess). Doesn’t really make sense to me, but perhaps they did that so you could (more) easily trigger alarms when something is flooding. I think the same goes for the smoke detectors.

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Have edited my first post. Let me know if I have copied some of you additions incorrectly.
Thanks again!

Hi, i want to reopen this topic:
How can you check if there is a firmware update? It would be useful if there was a list where you can see which product has had an update.

I just saw that the curtain device has had an update. But how do I check that on my Homey? Coincidentally, the curtain device was still on my Aqara hub.

Homey doesn’t support Zigbee firmware updates.

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Thank you @robertklep
I have to connect them to my Aqara Hub and put them back to Homey :slight_smile:

Offtopic question:
And update for Ikea products?

Off-topic but quick answer:
The Ikea changelogs can be checked here:
and here:

You have to connect all Zigbee Ikea products (as all devices you use with Homey) to an Ikea Tradfri or Dirigera hub to receive updates and then reconnect them to Homey and repair all flows.
This can help with that:

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Or use a Zigbee controller that supports OTA updates, like zigbee2mqtt, ZHA or deCONZ.