[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Miija (Temperature and Humidity)

Is there any way to “age out” the readings or perhaps have a timestamp on the last one.

As it stands if you have an issue with a sensor the last reading is still “current” and of course might not reflect reality and this exhibit undesirable results in a flow.

Or is there anyway the application could flag an error if no reading is received after a configurable timeout period?

That should all be implemented on a lower level (Homey’s core).

You can use workaround, eg. A script to check sensor last update - #39 by Sharkys

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I get the same issue. That it connects as an unknown Zigbee device after flashing FW.
Did you manage resolve the issue? Any solutions available?
I also have Xiaomi LYWSD0MMC-z with FW version: 3001-0120.

“13:16:42: Load firmware file ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pvvx/ZigbeeTLc/master/bin/Z03MMC_v0120.bin’…
13:16:42: File: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pvvx/ZigbeeTLc/master/bin/Z03MMC_v0120.bin
13:16:43: File size: 127956 bytes
13:16:43: Count: 7998
13:17:29: Load firmware file ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pvvx/ZigbeeTLc/master/bin/Z03MMC_v0120.bin’…
13:17:29: File: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pvvx/ZigbeeTLc/master/bin/Z03MMC_v0120.bin
13:17:29: File size: 127956 bytes
13:17:29: Count: 7998
13:17:37: Start DFU
13:19:04: Update done after 85.722 seconds”


The only solution at the moment is to download my version of the app (from here) and installing it using Homey’s command line tool.

Hi Robert! Just to clarify, do you use this software by Devbis in the Homey app?


Awesome! I will flash 10 of these for my cabin. Since I don’t have a computer at my cabin, is it fine to flash them all at home or are there any disadvantages by doing so? To identify them from each other I could just remove the batteries and add them one by one in Homey.

It’s fine to flash them at home (and if you don’t have a computer at your cabin, there’s no other possibility :sweat_smile:)

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It’s so nice that this app exists. I have a humble feature request:

It would be nice to be able to choose how many decimals to be shown from the device, just like you can with the Tuya Zigbee app. It’s not the end of the world that this isn’t available, but it would tidy things up a bit having consistency throughout my devices.


Hi Michal, did you manage to solve this? Unfortunately I’ve got the same issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Michiel, not really. Mine were completely stuck at some point, so I had to flash them over via USB-UART and I moved into ESPHome (with few ESP boards to have a full house coverage) with the bluetooth version of these, instead of trying and converting them to Zigbee again.

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Michal, that’s too bad. But many thanks for your response!

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!