Xiaomi Miija temperature and humidity sensor display in Fahrenheit

Can the Xiaomi Miija temperature and humidity sensor be changed to Fahrenheit?

Does your Homey sit in a timezone where Celsius is the temperature unit?
When ‘yes’, I think the answer is “not without using a virtual device for it”

I’m in the US and Fahrenheit is used as the temperature unit.

Is the location (in settings) set to your location in the USA? In that case, it should work. If it doesn’t, try to change it to another location, for example, Europe and back, and see if that works.

I do not have the device yet. I wanted to know about the temperature unit before I buy one.

I tried that, to the US and back, and ofc I waited until the system showed the US timezone, but none of my temperature sensor devices changed the value into degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure how the software decides to show degrees F or degrees C.

@robertklep Sorry for bothering you like this, but there might be a chance you know how Homey decides to show F or C degrees values? I was under the impression it was location dependent.
I found this, but it’s not showing the how:

It’s location dependent.

When set to my normal location:

When set to NYC:

It changed automatically.

Thanks for looking into it. Then it just does not work on my Homey, but I don’t want degrees F anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: