Shelly 1 + showing F instead of C

I just added 2 x Shelly 1 plus. The device has an internal temperature sensor but is displaying the temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. How can I change this?

Here’s lots of info, pls read this post but also all following post in that thread:

It actually looks like it is providing the reading in C which meant the sensor is totally worthless as the temp in the garage is around 2 degrees C right now. Not 35…

This is the device temperature, not the environment temperature.


Thanks. Makes sense but really not useful for anything other that seeing if the thing is about to catch fire. Also still not sure if the reading is correct. Device temperature at 35C in a cold garage…

It’s never sold under the assumption you can measure the outside temperature. You can blame the thing for your own incorrect assumptions.

Sound about right me, do your homework and look into chip temperatures.

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Thanks for you very constructive feedback…I did not buy it to measure temperature, but found out when Homey was reporting a temp that did not make sense at first. I will stop bothering you now. Hopefully you can still enjoy the rest of the weekend