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Installed Smart Things App for Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer. The temp shown for the refrigerator is indicating 95 degrees. In reality, the refrigerator is reading 35 degrees in my actual smart things app. All temps are Fahrenheit. Interestingly, 95 degrees F is equal to 35 degrees C. I wonder if the app is converting the temp from refrigerator mistakenly thinking that the temp received is in Celsius. I have same problem with thermostat and Honeywell app.

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I think there are 4 different Smart Things Apps…
Pls be more specific, which version?
Where is your Homey located (what i18n settings in your location)

The app is Samsung SmartThings v2.1.1 by Athom B.V… Homey is located in Pennsylvania. Not sure what ‘i18n’ means. I looked all over the settings but cannot find that. The location is correctly set to my home address. I am a new Homey Pro user, as of today. Having difficulty adding devices and having them work correctly.

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What is the meaning of i18n?
Internationalization (i18n) Internationalization is the process of making code world-ready to be localized to a specific region and language. It’s sometimes referred to as i18n, as 18 letters are between the “I” and the “n”: i18n (i+ nternationalizatio + n)

So you live in a place where they use °F :wink:

Yep Homey internally works with °C , and probably the App initial wasn’t written with the knowledge how the API from Samsung operates in other zone’s with presenting values in °C or °F

Please contact Athom, Support | Homey

This is a Community forum and Athom has to fix this.