Climate Control one Average in Fahrenheit

Hello, I love the new climate control app (Introducing Climate Controls | Homey News). I’m in the US and use Fahrenheit. Can’t wait until Homey supports importing data as F and displaying as F. I have been able to get many of my non-Homey app devices into Homey via Home Assistant and get converted to Deg F via the entity formatting. This means the individual devices within Climate controls are accurate as deg F, but the zone summary is displayed in degrees C. Posting for US user awareness and have submitted a suggestion to Homey support as well.
BTW - the updates to Home Assistant Community allowing specific entity conversion math is fantastic. Hope to post similar comment in correct forum as well.

thanks for sharing your experience using the HA Community app :smile:

Some technical details about temperatures in Homey…

  • Homey uses °C internally - and only this.
  • The GUI displays the internal °C values as F based on your location settings.
  • Apps have to use °C in capabilities

So I think you found a bug if the Homey app doesn’t convert the internal °C values to F for you. You should give Athom a hint and open a support ticket.

And some additional details about the HA app:

  • The app also has to use °C values internally.
  • If you are importing sensors with unit °F, the values are converted to and stored as °C in the device capabilities.
  • If a sensor provides °F but has no attribut showing the unit, the app can’t convert. But you can use the conversions to do your own value convertion.

I hope I could help to understand the technical base and how it works - and why somtimed not :upside_down_face:

Hello Ronny,

Thank you for the detail and it makes sense. I will look closer at some of the troublesome devices and then generate a support ticket. Early on, I was told there was no conversion to F. Then I noticed on some Honeywell devices a mix of C and F displayed. I have 4 identical models and it didn’t make any sense. Originally all were C within Homey and I didn’t want to change the HA output to C and it messed up my pre-Homey dashboards. As I searched including toggling each Honeywell thermostat, no solution. I then removed on thermostat from Homey, and added it back, bingo…Temp in F.

With additional playing around I tripped over your community entries and looked closer at the entities options. Bingo, was thrilled again with Homey as I could devices loaded thru HA Community into F, and adjust HA back to F for the troublesome devices.

I played with the entity formula before discovering changing the Unit field to F would do the trick. I adjusted all to F. Awhile later some were back into C. I adjusted those by leaving the Unit field blank and placing a C to F conversion formula in the converter function field. Those troublesome devices have maintained F since that time. I have since stopped using the F unit entry and am using the conversion formula in all cases. Govee H5100 Hygrometers were the last troublesome conversion units.

I realty appreciate the work you and team have done on the HA Community app. It has made my transition to Homey very fun.

Thank you and best regards


Haha, it’s just me and my laptop :smile:
And some helpful community beta tester :+1:

Thats funny.
One question, is there a way to adjust the entity math to reflect a value with one decimal point or tenths? Fahrenheit as xx.x in my case.

You can use a return Math.round(value * 10) /10; in the converter to round to 1 decimal.
Math.round is rounding to integer, so you can do rounding do decimals with *x and /x with 10, 100, 1000… to get 1, 2, or 3 decimals.