Wrong Temperature Values showing in Homey Pro

I have brought in a bunch of Aqara Temp & Humidity sensors into homey pro. When they are brought in I am seeing temperatures such as 171 degrees Fahrenheit. But if I add to Aqara hub and watch the temp in the Aqara app it is showing 77 degrees Fahrenheit which is correct. I can not find a way to display the correct temperature in Homey. The humidity values match and show correctly in Homey Pro. I also tested adding the same sensor to home assistant and it matches the same values in the Aqara app. Anyway to get Homey Pro to show the correct values?

What is the location of your homey?
Can you change it?

I am in the US. Are you saying the temp values are displaying wrong due to my location? I can change the home location but then my home location data would be wrong, unless i am missing something.


Looks more that it is being double converted, in the hub and in Homey again as 77 degree celcius = 171 degree fahrenheit.
Perhaps you can set it to celcius in the aqara hub.

Thank you so much; that fixed the problem. I changed them to Celsius, and the Fahrenheit now reads correctly.

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Just as information, because that could affect other apps, too.
Homey uses °C internally as unit for thermostats. If the localization is set to °F, only tbe GUI is converting the temperature to °F. The thermostat itself uses °C.
So every app must use °C to set thermostat capabilities.
So it depends on the app whether it converts to °C or not.

I am having the same issue but with Home Asssistant and Homey Pro. My HA is set to degree F. My Homey Pro is also set to degrees F but my Homey Pro is converting the HA degrees F numbers from my HA sensors like they are degrees C. This means I get temps on the range of 150 F in my Homey Pro. How do I fix this?
I do not want to change my HA to degrees C since I still use that for dashboards. Thanks for any help.

You need to ask the developer of the app you’re using for HA support to fix this.

The only way to fix this at the moment is changing it to celsius in HA. I have already spoken with the Homey development team and they are aware of the issue and that they need to fix this.


AFAIK, Homey internally always stores temperatures in Celsius.

When apps import temperatures from other systems (like Home Assistant), those apps need to check the temperature scale used on those systems, and convert them to Celsius if necessary.

Thanks for the info.

AFAIK, Homey internally always stores temperatures in Celsius??

Yes, that seems to be the problem. There are numerous developer’s sensors for which Homey is reporting the wrong temperature because “Homey internally always stores temperatures in Celsius”. So why ask the developers of other apps to fix a problem created by Homey’s shortsightedness? Are you suggesting the work around is to contact support for all those other developers?

BTW- Even the temperature outside my window is being reported by Homey at 171F.

There’s no way around that because the apps have to interrogate the devices they control to see which temperature scale the device uses. That’s not something that can be done in a generic way by a fix to Homey’s internals, and therefore requires changes to each affected app.