Aqara - TVOC Temp and humidity sensors

I see several forums asking why Aqaqra TVOC sensors does not update in Homey Pro. I have several of this sensors and ‘all’ of them can take hours and days before updateing. I have runned the sensors on other smart hubs and here they are updating and showing the correct.

t info.

When will this be solved on Homey Pro (and Bridge)

Why not ask in the official thread?

I am not sure what you are telling me. I have the latest version, and still problem/issues. Your answer did not give any solution

App support and/or forum links are present at the bottom of app store pages (if provided for).
There you’ll find the link to the app topic on the forum, where Dijker pointed to.

This way all Q & A about an app is centralized, and often the developer gets notified as well.

So just follow the link, and copy/paste your Q there.

Maybe this can help you - Aqara firmware updates when connected to homey - #9 by Sharkys (updating rather for other users , in case they will face the same with TVOC,as I believe you find solution already)

How can you connect the TVOC van aqara in a way that you can see temperature on your mobile?
I use the home HUB