Aqara sensor update interval

I have several Aqara temperature sensors. They all updates wery different even they have pretty much the same distance and hinders from homey.

The most strange is that pressure and humidity updates more frequent than the temperature from the same sensor, howe come?

Is there any way to speed up the updater interval?

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I always thought updates are only send when a value changes…
I think there is no way to periodicaly let the devies update a value.

You could however make a flos that runs periodicaly that reads the current value.

Unfortunately it doesnt update even when value changes (surrounding temperature), thats the problem.

I have reconnected the device to homey and change the battery, but no iomprovement.

How did this end, any solutions? I have the same issue, i made a reset two days ago, but now the problem is back. No update of temp the last 17 hours, and there has been about 10-15 degrees celsius difference.

My sensors update very random but all in general about every 15 minutes, but sometimes up to 2-3 hours. No explanation why. I have reinstalled the firmware i homey and I think that improved all zigbee devices.

Hi. I have still same problem, is there a solution for that issue?

Not that I’m aware of

I also have the same issue. Still no resolution?

Do any of you use Ikea zigbee lights? They were the cause for flaky and silenced Aqara’s here.

I replaced them with Lidl lights and now there’s almost no issue with the sensors.

(With Ikea sockets all goes well by the way)

I also have this issue with Aqara temperature and humidity sensors. Sometimes temperature updates ever 5 minutes, sometimes it takes over 60 minutes to update. Sometimes humidity is updated but not temperature… Very strange and irregular, doesn’t matter if it’s a sensor 2m from Homey or 20m.