[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Miija (Temperature and Humidity)

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Hello, I found and applied an article to not use xiaomi mijia Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor as zigbee. This device works with z2m without any problem. In order to use this device as zigbee in homey pro 2023, its driver needs to be defined homey pro 2023. Can someone knowledgeable help with this? I am attaching the necessary article link.

Dear all,

I’m not familiar with Homey’s ZigBee. For my purpose the BLE is much better so I won’t be able to develop a ZigBee driver also.
On the other side, I went to Home Assistant as unfortunately for me the Homey could not offer enough “driver” and had to use too many workarounds.
I still have my Homey hardwares, I’ll do my best to maintain the existing interface.

Thanks for your understanding.


The article refers to the same software as mentioned in the first post. So the sensor is not changed from Bluetooth to Zigbee.

Yes, it is:

You first need to flash a transitional firmware from the pvvx developer before you can install the firmware that converts it to Zigbee.


I can provide you with a PR that implements support for the Zigbee firmware:


Fantastic. I thought Zigbee and Bluetooth use different radio technologies and different hardware. Maybe the sensor contains both?

That is really nice from you Robert!
Currently it is not my top priority to develop something for Homey. Due to other reasons (like house renovations), I don’t have much time .
Still, I’ll do my best to keep this interface supported.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s fairly common nowadays to have controllers that support Zigbee/Thread/BLE. They all use the same frequency.

Ok, thanks for that info. Now I don’t have to buy a sensor and try the update to see what is going on :grin:

Dear All,

Thanks to @robertklep the new driver will support ZigBee protocol also!
Amazing! :slight_smile: Thanks Robert for your help!

I’ll submit the new version in a few minutes.

The test is available here:


@robertklep @ZsR Thank you very much for your efforts.


I have trouble adding these sensors to my homey pro 2019. I tried to add them using zigbee. Do i still need to install the custom firmware and if so, how does that work?

The first post explains everything: “Currently, it supports the Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity monitor (BLE), with the ATC441 protocol, flashed with a custom firmware.”

If you want to convert the device to Zigbee, you need to read the instructions here.

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Hoi Robert,

Dank voor je snelle reply.

Ik heb de firmware van 2 apparaatjes geflashed. Kan ze alleen met geen mogelijkheid meer connecten. Een reset met de GRND en Reset pin doet helemaal niks. Ik laat het voor nu even liggen. Kijken of het morgen lukt om te resetten. Anders zijn ze gewoon bricked vermoed ik.


Updaten ze de temperatuur/lv op het scherm wel? Heb je al geprobeerd ze opnieuw te flashen?

English only please. Which firmware ?

Have you tried to remove battery after flashing ?

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Hi Sharkys and Robert, sorry for my dutch. Will switch to english. The firmware i installed was the zigbee one.

Problem i have now is that the devices are not recognized on bluetooth scan anymore. So not sure which firmware is active atm. The flashing said it was done. So i suppose the new firmware has been installed.

The main problem i have now, and i am not sure if more people experience this, is that the devices dont respond to shorting the GRND and Reset. I can remove the battery and reinsert which enables the display immediately and shows the temperature and hydro. So i am at a bit of a loss what to do next.

Just to make sure:

  • you’re shorting for at least three seconds?
  • the battery is present when shorting?
  • you’re using the correct driver (the Zigbee one) to add the device?

What’s the message you get from Homey when trying to add the device?

And if the Zigbee firmware is installed, the only way to revert back to BLE is flashing the BLE-firmware over UART. It’s not possible to flash the BLE firmware over-the-air (it is possible to flash new versions of the Zigbee firmware over-the-air, but you need a Zigbee controller that supports it, like deCONZ or zigbee2mqtt; Homey doesn’t support it).

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Hi, has anyone tried LYWSD02MMC as well? it is the pro model with clock and bigger screen