Homey / Homeyduino

I have created a Homeyduino sketch for eps32 to scan all Xiaomi Miflora values but the capability “moisture” and “conductivity” are not defined in Homey / Homeyduino.

Is it possible to add the capability „measure_moisture“ and “measure_conductivity” (or all Xiaomi Miflora values with their original names :-)) to Homey / Homeyduino?
It would be fine for getting all values of Miflora via esp32 because of the short range of Homey`s BLE.

Lets keep it to 1 question that is pretty much the same at a time, you would already have your answer if you checked your previous question.

Going to close this one for that reason, if you disagree, feel free to contact me or any other Moderator.