Homeyduino + miflora

Is it possible to add the capability „measure_moisture“ to Homeyduino? It would be fine for getting all values of miflora via esp32.

I don’t think it’s possible to add custom capabilities with Homeyduino. But the best way to verify this is to just try it and see if it works.

But is it possible to add new capabilities like „measure_moisture“ in the node-homey-lib?

I refer to " A list of capabilities supported by Homey can be found in the developer documentation, in the reference" -> it is specified in " Usage & getting started" with Homeyduino.

You can only add custom (new) capabilities in the app.json file of an app, so only for new apps. Homeyduino is an existing app, so you can’t add custom capabilities to it.

Is it possible to change in an existing app a capability?

If you have the code of that app, then you can add custom capabilities to it and run it using the CLI tool.

I know I’m a little exhausting, but where can I get the code for the app…or would it be possible to add a new capability to…see below?

The code for the Homeyduino app is here: https://github.com/athombv/com.athom.homeyduino

And that list is just a fixed list of all standard capabilities.

Hi Robert, just to be sure; you could download the source code from github, add some new capability definitions to the app.json and recompile the whole thing using the CLI. That should give you custom capabilities, right?

I think that will be enough, but I never tried. You may possibly need to modify the Arduino library so it supports the custom capabilities, but a quick look at its code doesn’t suggest that’s necessary.

That’s what I am hoping for, I’ll give it a try in the next week or so an let everyone know.

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Custom capabilities do not require changes to the Arduino library. You just define them in app.json and recompile the library. The only problem I have now, is that tehy do not show up as values that you can use in flows (even though I have defined triggers and actions in app.json). But that is a different matter I assume.