[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App

I managed to connect gateway to the app after opening port in gateway. But I have another problem when I’m connecting wifi plug I’m getting error device.power is not a function.
Same error when I’m connecting Humidifier v1. Any help?

Hi @Maxmudjon ,
Can you add aqara roller shade driver e1?
Thank you.

Am I correct in my understanding that this app will allow me to connect an Aqara gateway and control the subdevices (Zigbee) - I am looking to move away from direct zigbee control in Homey.
Also I don’t see on the app page with Gateway’s are supported?

No, this Xiaomi Mi Home App app is used when your Xiaomi/Aqara peripherals are WiFi devices. When they are connected to the Xiaomi/Aqara gateway, you use:

I know this is a late reaction… I haven’t tried it yet. Now I am trying but the HCS is not working here… I cannot install any apps :frowning:

Still no update on the “official” Mi app from @Maxmudjon? Even with a new vacuum freshly installed I get the “could not connect to device, handshake timeout” error.

It took a while before I could install the HCS version, but it doesn’t work.

It is all so weird (also because the interfaces of the Xiaomi products are so badly designed I have no clue).

  • Both Homey apps cannot connect to my vacuum
  • From the Mi Home app I cannot update my vacuum to the newest firmware update
  • Mi vacuum isn’t visible in the Xiaomi Cloud
  • there isn’t a mention of the S7 vacuum anywhere.
  • if I add the roborock.vacuum of de s6 in Home Assistant, I get the Flow thing (?) instead of a vacuum.

What on earth is going on? And why is it such a mess?

Add support for Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro, please

Can’t press the connect button nothing happens

I think this app wil not be supported anymore.

The dev is last seen on this forum on Seen

May 4, '20

How could i connect the “Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Monitor” ?
I connected it to the Mi App, got the token, but as this is a bluetooth device it has no IP…

I guess you bought the wrong one. There’s also a WiFi version:


I am searching a solution to integrate my Dreame D9 vacuum.
Anyway to get this device “dreame.vacuum.p2009” working with this app?

Thank you!

I have a problem with my Xiaomi Smartfan 3.
I already have a Xioami Vacuum (first model) added in the app, and works fine.
But as soon I try to add the fan, it makes the app crash again and again in a neverending loop. It makes no difference if I choose Dmaker Mi Fan og the ZhiMi Mi Fan. The app just crash, and makes both the vacuum and the fan unreachable in Homey.

Is the Fan 3 just not compatible?

I only had a quick look, but I did not find the “Xiaomi Smartfan 3” under Supported devices, so why do you think it might be supported?

I would like to add my new Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier to Homey, but so far it has not worked.

I was able to successfully add it in the Xiaomi Home app and can operate it through that app.

Adding to Homey has not yet been successful. I was able to identify a Token via the app on my Mac. As soon as I want to add the Humidifier (I enter the IP address and the token, polling frequency not adjusted) I get the error message “device.power is not a function”.

What am I doing wrong?
By the way, I don’t have a Xiaomi Hub, but I don’t think I need it either, because the Humidifier works via WiFi.

Hi Jan,

That support was published on GitHub - Maxmudjon/com.maxmudjon.mihomey: MiHomey App for Athom Homey

Will support be added for the Smartmi Airpurifier P1 and P2?

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Would love to have the 360 cam and possibly the electric wifi elemet:
Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro
Model: chuangmi.camera.021a04
Model: zhimi.heater.mc2

Hello, would it be possible to add the support for Xiaomi vibration sensors please?

If it is a Zigbee device, then this is not the right app (WiFi or LAN connected). For Zigbee is another app and that app supports the Aquara/Xiaomi vibration sensors (zigbee)

Hi! Can you please update your app to get it ready for Homey Pro 2023?