[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App

Judging by the changelog in the OP, this app is not supported anymore :cry:

Does anyone knows how to discover the password to connect the gateway. The procedure proposed does not work anymore :cry:

@Arie_J_Godschalk Would it be possible for you to take over here if the developer agrees and it’s technically possible?
There’s also a version in the Community Store (the one that I use):
Mi Homey in the Community Store
and apparently code on Github:
Mi Homey on Github

Yes Henk.


Do you ever say no ? :wink:

Would love that! But the developer doesn’t seem to respond here…
What to do, @Arie_J_Godschalk?

…you can try to contact him, or wait,because he is somehow still active,eg. even included some new devices this year…

Moi aussi intéressé par l’application roidmi mais pour un Eva.
J’ai également contactė le constructeur mais pas de réponse

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Ah ye, just seen that the discussion already started here. I use the xiaomi MI home app and just downloaded the MI home app in the community store. Just noticed that both of the apps are hosted by the same person.
I mailed him, but no response. Is anybody going to take over the app? Else I might have a problem as my homey zigbee is quite full already.
Thanks in advance.

I have mailed Athom about this to ask what their opinion is and if they can do something about it…
This is an important app for me too.


Nice try, let me guess the answer … :rofl::see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
I wish I will be wrong :slight_smile:

Well, if we don’t try…?
This is really a lack (imho) in Athoms model of letting community members develop apps for Homey…

I’m not saying you did something wrong, I just don’t believe into miracles anymore :slight_smile:

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Didn’t interpret it that way too… :slight_smile:
But indeed. Let’s see what they come back with…

Well, I believe it won’t help, but I sent them a message aswell


But… the source code is on Githut, so you are free to go ahead with this code!?

Would it be possible to install SDK2 on Homey Pro via CLI ? …I’m afraid it will be unsupported as well.
But if you are suggesting that we can rework it to SDK3, then you are right, “yes we can.”

That would be great!
I"d be happy to support any developer who takes on this (re)development!

Define support … :money_mouth_face:

I’m the original developer of this app but handed over development quite some time ago. Although I dont use Homey anymore I still enjoy developing apps for Homey. I could probably rebuilt the app to SDK3, at least for the WiFi devices part as this is still the same code I written myself. I havent looked at the support of the gateway and Zigbee subdevices though. It seems this doesnt work anymore anyway and doesnt have to be migrated to SDK3?!?.

But here is the deal, and I’m gonna ask for a lot here so pay attention. I still develop some apps but since I dont use Homey myself I do not intend to whip out the money for a Homey Pro 2023. It would still help me to further develop my apps though as my Homey 2016 is getting sluggish. So I’m looking for some win-win situation here. If you can find enough users of this app to contribute the money for a nice and shiny Homey Pro 2023 I will update the app to SDK3. :wink: