[APP][Pro] We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT / My Cupra

Hi Martijn, non worries. I’m more then happy you make time to help me.
Not sure where I can find that information, in the information menu in the car itself?

2 things I noticed:

  • Audi connect services have been ‘offline’ last few days. I couldn’t connect with the official Audi app also. And therefore there were no status updates in your MyAudi app. But this morning if worked again.
  • My car had an update early this week automatically. All users settings where changed and there is apparently some new features available in the car. So maybe the SW/driver has been updated as well.

@Jan-Feijen yeah should be in the care. something like settings → systeminfo

  • Yes VW had an outage too. The Homey app just doesn’t update, i’m not showing errors in the app as the API is not reliable at all and that would give too many errors to users. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • In that you might want to try again to add your car as an E-tron. :thinking:

Btw if you already have flows for your car, I made a handy script to update flows for devices :smiley:

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Dit is de debug met 1.15.7


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@JaccoH Can you do the following? Use the official app on your phone: Logout and login again guess this has to do with the Terms and conditions. After that restart the app in Homey and it should work again