[APP][Pro] We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT / My Cupra

Hi Martijn, non worries. I’m more then happy you make time to help me.
Not sure where I can find that information, in the information menu in the car itself?

2 things I noticed:

  • Audi connect services have been ‘offline’ last few days. I couldn’t connect with the official Audi app also. And therefore there were no status updates in your MyAudi app. But this morning if worked again.
  • My car had an update early this week automatically. All users settings where changed and there is apparently some new features available in the car. So maybe the SW/driver has been updated as well.

@Jan-Feijen yeah should be in the care. something like settings → systeminfo

  • Yes VW had an outage too. The Homey app just doesn’t update, i’m not showing errors in the app as the API is not reliable at all and that would give too many errors to users. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • In that you might want to try again to add your car as an E-tron. :thinking:

Btw if you already have flows for your car, I made a handy script to update flows for devices :smiley:

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Dit is de debug met 1.15.7


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@JaccoH Can you do the following? Use the official app on your phone: Logout and login again guess this has to do with the Terms and conditions. After that restart the app in Homey and it should work again

Logged out… back in… No questions about accepting anything though.

However it does now work. Upon logging back in I got a “too many failed attempts error.”

So I turned off the app and reset the password etc etc waited a bit. And now it works.

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Sound simple :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad it works again, no idea why it works like this. But nice :smiley:

Hi @martijnpoppen,

Thanks Martijn!! It is a nice car indeed (and has me smiling when in GTE (sport-hybrid) mode. :checkered_flag:
This one actually reaches the electric KM’s it tells you when you get into the car (usually even more)
Just not visible in the homey app yet. The calculated value with the range and the SOC also gives funny values as the range taken for that is the fuel range and not the electric range. Wonder if you found the extra value in the API.
The 65535 minutes i will just work around.
The things i do wonder about are the 252A and 254A charging currents displayed.
this might very well be a translation thing as the car does respond to any current (that is allowed by your Homey app) so 5, 10, 13 and 16A all work fine except the car and the VW We-Connect app show those values as “reduced” charging speed (as they are below 254A). I wonder if you could set it to 252A and 254A as well for the reduced and full speeds. if you can, maybe an advanced value that the user can set himself or a list you can alter yourself would be worth considering. I would definitely test the 252A and 254A values as well as stepdown the charging current when we start cooking as those work fine…
Wonder what the values are that you get from the Golf8 GTE… if you could share in a DM that would be helpful as i will also be able to advice on the things i see in the car and in the API return.

thanks for the help so far!!

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Hey. Thanks for great app! Just one question. I don’t see the Car is at home in the “AND” flows. I am using Myskoda with my enyaq

Hey @Dennis93

Unfortunately the Enyaq doesn’t support location at the moment

Damn okey, need to figure out how to get location of the car, I don’t want it to stop charging if I am leaving home without my car.
On other question, How often should be good enough to pull the statuses? Had some problem with gridio that it was pulling too often so it drained the 12v battery

@Dennis93 i guess when the enyaq gets a software update it might be included. That was also the case with VW ID

The default intervals are the optimal settings :slight_smile:

Wierd when the Home Assistant plugin for Skoda Connect, Myskoda has the location support
Maybe you can have a look, this is what Home assistant gives,

@Dennis93 that uses the new API. unfortunately that gave a lot of issues within this app so didn’t update it yet. I’m using the ioBroker integration as a basis for these apps

@martijnpoppen do you have a chance to implement the live upload of the audi soc to abrp via the abrp api token? maybe you have an idea how to solve it via a quick flow atm?

Hey @SvenRhein
Got this request a while ago, didn’t look at that yet.

When I have time I’ll have a look :wink:

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this will be great - I think the dev of the homey kia/hyundai app did this, too :wink: maybe this could help you :slight_smile:

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@SvenRhein yeah the How is not really the issue, mainly the time :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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@martijnpoppen I wasn’t able to respond earlier unfortunately.
Last time you asked me to check the version of my car so you can see which API is relevant for my car.
This is what I found:

  • software versie: 3385
  • software versie: MPR3_ER_AU_P3385

There are also version for mediadriver, MMI, navigatie, etc.
Not sure which one you are looking for?

I’ve also tested with both ‘Audi’ and ‘Audi E-tron (nieuwe generatie)’ but with both I can’t get it to work properly.

So maybe start with which option should work best with the software of my car, and then do some testing & analysis again?

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@Jan-Feijen That should be MIB3 so the new API.

Can you install the E-tron version and send me a report after that.

Feels a bit that your software is in between the 2 options :sweat_smile:

@martijnpoppen, yes of course.
Should I continue with the test/experimental app version (v1.15.7) or shall I reinstall the normal version again first (v1.15.6)?