BMW Connected Services

Are there any plans for making an app/intergration for BMW Connected Services?


I ordered a Kia Niro with UVO Connect.
Homey should be able to communicate with the car through the open API.
I reported as soon as the car was delivered.


Thanks for the reply. I does not work like that with BMW ConnectedDrive. The device has to communicate with a BMW server and not directly with the car. For developers much of the needed info is here


I just released an initial version of the app to the store. BMW Connected App voor Homey | Homey. The released version has some issues with capability detection on older cars. The test version BMW Connected | Homey has additional fuel sensor.

Hi, I have installed the app and put in my username (email) and password but I get ”this app has no devices yet”, is there anything else you should do to get it working?

@Ola_Brundin do you have access to your car from the ConnectedDrive services website? Also please share details about the car.

Hi, yes I have access via the web site and also via the app my BMW, it is a BMW 530e xdrive, 2021

Just a big thank you for making this app!

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully after the weekend i will create a new version with some debug capability to figure out whats happening.
Also probably good to continue the discussion on the forum’s app thread [APP] BMW Connected.

@Ola_Brundin whats your location?

Hi, Im living in Sweden

@Ola_Brundin can you try the test version: BMW Connected | Homey. After installing, goto app settings, enable logging and set log level to trace. After setting the logging information, restart the app. Try adding the car again. If still empty, navigate to the app settings section again and see at the logs tab, you can also create a diagnostic report from the app.