Nissan Connect integration

Does anyone see possibilities to add support for Nissan Connected Services in Homey?

I came across the Home Assistant integration below. Would it be possible to use this as a base for a Homey app?

Community app requests can be done here:

Please read the first post and use the provided template…

Maybe this is a option for you.
I use this for my leaf


How do you import the data in Homey?

With MQTT client app.
With Advanced Device you can make a device with every sensor you want

Hi, @Bulletcather
So beside these flows, you have a server hosting this leaf2mqtt? Sorry for if this is obvious :wink: i am a kind of a noob in other control devices than Homey.
With kind regards, Stefan

Yes i have a mqtt docker container and this Nissan leaf docker cointainer

Would it be possible to do all this directly in the Homey device?

in theory you can do that by running a docker cointainer on the homey trough the ssh access

Im really interested in learning more how your setup is, could you please elaborate/explain a bit more about how you set everything up and what is needed in Terms of HW+SW. Might buy a 2nd hand rasberryPi or other device to run the docker or could the docker be run in the cloud?

Hi all

I have an app working based on my own code. It’s in MVP stage and still needs some love. However it’s time consuming to code and test. If there’s interest I’ll see if I can find the time to finish it. I own a 2018 Leaf, so that’s what I’m testing with. Also I’m only working on a Homey Pro 2019.

Here’s a link to a small YouTube video as proof:

Again, let me know if this app has any interest still. As I’m short on spare time the progress is not gonna go fast as I have a full time job and a family to take care of. I could “buy” some extra spare time, but that would absolutely mean that I would have to ask for donations to complete it faster.