[Request] Connect Fordpass to Homey

Hey all,

Is maybe anyone working on a connection between Homey and Fordpass?

The idea is to track the Ford smart functions and the battery charge of the Ford EV’s (Mustang / Kuga PHEV)

It would be awesome to add this to the Homey(dashboard)


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I like this i have the fordpass but no ford E,V’s i have ford fiesta st line whit fordpass

+1 for me. Ford Fiesta.

It would be great, ford focus here!


Any news on this?

I have homeassistant connect to ford connect pass. I have homey connect with home assistant.
But i don’t no how to connect them together.

Fordpass would be awesome. I would like to be able to design better scheduling and remote start of my car. Fordpass app somewhat limited and slow tbh.
I imagine that there are a few people out there who would like to chip in to a programmer.

You can import all sensors, buttons, switches from your FordPass integration to Homey. And using the HA integration you can define compound devices for Homey grouping multiple sensors to one device. Check the examples in HA thread.