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  • To be added later

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  • :netherlands: Dutch

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Changelog can be viewed on the app page.


  • Seat EV (Cupra) - Looking for a car to test with


  • Password change - doesnt trigger error in Homey app


  • ledstate (charging led)
  • Park time: car
  • Estimate for maximum range of the car. Calculated as Range/SOC=Max range. For example car informs range of 275km and the SOC is 87% then the maximum range is 275km/0,87=316km.
  • Add charging speed
  • option to set negative inspection values
  • Add plug/socket is locked (sometimes it’s not connected properly)
  • power yes/no item in the meters view
  • set radius for is_home
  • If charging speed has changed (local tag Amps)
  • If charging low limit has changed (local tag %)
  • Door and windows lock status

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a S-PIN
A1: A S-PIN is a pincode which is required to trigger certain things like lock/unlock or climatisation. This is present for most cars (< 2022). If your car doesn’t have a S-PIN you can leave it empty on the install screen. Models like the new Audi E-tron or VW ID cars don’t require a S-PIN

Hi guys.
I have seen suggestions to implement Volkswagen We Connect (Well, I would like to see the entire VAG group of VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat) with Homey. But the requirement is quite old and I would like to think that at leasts Volkswagens GTE models are quite frequently used in Europe. And with the the all new ID3 and the upcoming ID4, I can really see a need for this integration.

It has been done for Home Assistant already, GitHub - robinostlund/homeassistant-volkswagencarnet: Volkswagen Carnet Component for home assistant. I imagine that it might need some rework to fit the Homey instead, of course.

Anyone know about this, has this been looked at already? Is it not possible to do this for Homey, is the API discontinued or anything else?

And yes, of course I have posted this as a suggestion

Update 2021-03-31:
Also, as you can read more about further down, there is such functionality in iobroker with the WE Connect add-on.


I have the SKODA CITIGO iV it would be fun to have that connected… :slight_smile:

I am actually a bit amazed that there are just two Homey owners that are requesting this app/integration. The ID3 aren’t maybe sold in that big numbers, yet, but still. You have the Passat GTE and Golf GTE that I guess are quite popular in Athoms home country.

i can see some use cases for my GTE as well… i wonder if anyone has reached out to robin.
here is another few links that might be interesting:

I wouldn’t mind reaching out to him, but I know nothing about programming, so I don’t know what to say to him. Since he is a HA user, I don’t believe that he will be interested in developing a Homey app

That’s the same as suggesting that fitting a tractor engine in a mobility scooter “might need some rework”. They are two completely different systems :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes certainly @robertklep. I apparently put it in the wrong way. The comparison is a bit harsh though (rather fitting a Mercedes engine in a Volkswagen car). At least you don’t need to start from scratch I guess, the API is tested and working, the methods how to communicate shouldn’t diff too much. Right?

Would be nice with an app for all VW brands like Skoda, VW, Audi, Seat etc. What I understand they all share the same tech behind the brands.

They sure do, but I guess the actual URLs differ.

I would love an app for the ID but from what I can tell following that HA-link I don’t think they got the new ID series working there either yet.

Your are correct. Seems that even VW have some issues to develop or maintain their app, so I guess we will need to wait until they get this sorted first.

Would love a We Connect app for Homey.

That would be nice, integration to vw connect.

Ping on this request. Getting ID3 in couple of weeks…

Maybe @Gruijter or @balmli as a professional car to Homey integration specialist could be persuaded :wink:

Just donate a ID3. That would definitely help :wink: