[APP][PRO] Renault Z.E

I as the developer of this app, will from November this year (2023) not have a Zoe any longer and will not be able to test the APP/API from then on. Is there anyone else out there that would want to help or take over ownership of the app?

App store page: Renault Z.E. App for Homey | Homey

RenaultZE - Handle your Renault Zoe in Homey

Add support to check status on your Renault Zoe or Megane E-tech and handle pre-heating.
Should work on these, but only tested with “ZOE phase 2”.

  • ZOE phase 1 (X101VE)
  • ZOE phase 2 (X102VE)

You need to have an active and working account, if it works in your normal Renault App - it should work here too, use the credentials you have and during paring select the vehicle you want to pair with help by the VIN-number.

Note that the app is built on the unofficial Renault API and it can change without notice and stop working, if changes happen I will try to act quick to follow the changes.


this is great, thank you

I see in the app that theres a lot of more flowcards than in the description, great.

But what does active mean? Is it the climate in the coupe?


@janrikard, yes that is correct - activate starts the pre-heat/ac

Another question.
Is it possible to get som more and cards and the location-information.

I have a home assistant setup just to proxy infomation from the car to homey, I would really like to be able to remove the home assistan and al the complexity that brings

@janrikard, I think location data is possible - any input on how you would like it in Homey (based on Homey UI and capabilities)?

Also what cards are you thinking of?

I have a bit limit of time the next couple of weeks but will look into it.

Here are the variables I have today from home assistant



It would be nice to have when triggers like yours for the different values

And and-cards that compare the values.

For example I both use battery-level and battery_autonomy to stop my chargning

Im not familiar with the programminglanguage, but if you point me to the files thats have the features i maybe could help you to multiply these features, I assume the are quite alike most of them

What you are after is the conditions-cards

and the documentation Flow - Homey Apps SDK

I guess you can achieve it with just set the trigger and then in the AND - add a logic card and compare the current values (but more nice with explicit cards).

Any help with ideas, developing or testing is appreciated :slight_smile:

A new version with location / ishome info and 2 more cards in AND is now on test: Renault Z.E. | Homey

It’s nice with flowcards, mostly the when card.

It looks good with the the location stuff, but is it possible to get the longitude and latitude in diffrent variables? or maybe as a json-string.
Or maybe its just me how dont know how to easily split a string to to number variables?

But else it looks great, and working flawless in the parts of my flows that I’ve been able to convert.


I installed this application but a megane and I have no feedback.
do you think it would be possible to have them?
thank you

@janrikard test is updated with a version that holds the google maps url in location (send to phone and hold/click will show where the car is). and now separate long/lat capabilities…
Please test and if ok I will release live (there are some bug fixes that will be good to get out also)

@Matthieu_Moreau, not sure about the Megane, but if you actually paired it successfully - I may be able to get it to work. You could try to send me a diagnostic report from the app setting and I could have a look and see if I understand what is going on (also you could try the test version Renault Z.E. | Homey )

Good evening @Jonathan_Cohen ,

first of all thank you for your answer, I come to install this version for you and I have the same problem.

He sees my vehicles well but does not report any information.

Hi @Jonathan_Cohen

It works perfekt for me.



@Jonathan_Cohen , I’m running 2.1.0 and I have som problems.
First i cant start the heating anymore.
And last night the communication during charging didnt seems to work perfectly so i charged to much.

Im not sure if this is related to the new version or its the car who doesnt want to do as it told.

Hi @janrikard I will try to see what the problem is, works well for me. But I see a very generic error “Could not start heater” so if you could send a diagnostic report and I can see if I get any more info that could help.

@Jonathan_Cohen I tried to send you via message, not sure if it worked or not.

@Jonathan_Cohen this is strange
Shouldnt the flow get a negative result?
the range updated 15 minutes ago, so there is contact with the car

hello @Jonathan_Cohen ,

we’ll stay on this thread then.

To sum up :

The connected vehicle card does not work, it returns an error each time.

I think that the card in charge corresponds rather to the connected vehicle card, but I will confirm this to you this evening.


@Matthieu_Moreau @janrikard
The problem with “is plugged in” / “is charging” should now be fixed in version 2.1.2.
Please come back if there still is a problem.
(I had mixed up the registation of the 2 variables…)

Hello @Jonathan_Cohen ,

it works, it’s perfect.

Thanks very much