[APP][Pro] Mercedes Me App (Release 1.0.3)

Mercedes has announced the end of life for the BYOCAR API, so this app will stop working soon.
It is unfortunate that they have no suitable replacement yet and as I no longer have a Mercedes I wouldn’t be able to rewrite the app even if they did.

I have also requested that the app is removed from the store.

Thanks for your support while the app lasted and I hope you had some benefit from it.

Best regards,


Thanks so much Adrian, this looks promising!

At the final step of adding the car as device in the Homey app I get an error (from Homey) stating “Authorization code is malformed.” What am I doing wrong?


Could you try adding the Connected Vehicle API from the Experimental products section. It seems that solved the problem for another user with the same error message.

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Amazing, that did the trick indeed! Will start experimenting with this (not all values visible yet), thanks again!

That’s good.

The values only appear once the car sends them to the server so you might have to open/close doors and windows etc to force an update.

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Thank you for the kind donation, its much appreciated.

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Hi Adrian,

Implemented using the test version of the app:
- send a notification when the car has been unlocked and it is at home/within geofence and nobody is at home/all are asleep

(for now to be solved with boolean)

Looking at the available values I am pretty sure not all will be possible and of course some parts of these flows/user-stories will come from other apps. There may also be a big difference in a query for information and sending commands… Anyway, here are a few ideas for filling the backlog :wink:

I would love to:
- get a notification when the car has been locked but not all windows/sunroof are closed
- have all windows/sunroof closed when rain is expected for my location
- get a notification if the planned route that was sent to the car exceeds the fuel range
- have the sunroof open itself when a planned route is sent to the car and the (outside) temperature is above x degrees

By no means I am trying to create assignments, but this is on my mind when it comes to using the car info for automation. Happy to buy you more beers when things evolve :wink:


So the test version has the when card for the car has been locked and the window states are available using logic cards with the tags. But i will add a condition card for “A window or sunroof is open” as I can see that will reduce thenumbe rof conditions to check for.

The API doesn’t currently allow any commands to be sent but if Mercedes add that feature I will jump on it.

The fuel range is available via a tag but the API has no way to get the planned route information. I will keep checking in on the API changes to see what features they add and implement them when possible.

Again no way to get the route or send commands.

Thank you for the suggestions though. The only way I will know what users want is if they ask so all feedback is good. However, as in this case some of the features are not possible due to the restrictions in the API.

Ah I didn’t realize, that’s great! This opens up possibilities already! Thanks for the swift reply, adding the “aggregated condition” and keeping an eye on the API capabilities!

The Experimental Connectec Vehicle API was indeed necessary.

I will add it to the standard instructions.

Added the connected vehicle api, but still i get error “auth code is malformed”

Could you enable the diagnostic log, try adding the car and then send the log.
Also I would recommend copy and paste to enter the Client Id, Client Secret and VIN no details as they are very long and easy to make a mistake.

Sent diagnostics

I have received the log but it is empty. Was there something in the list below the buttons when you sent it?
Was the tick a blue colour?
Homey style for checkboxes uses a grey tick for disabled and a blue tick for enabled which has caught out a lot of users.

I forgot to add the insurance api. After i added that api, i got to a screen asking for permission to access. I accepted and got an generic error. Logging is enabled(blue tick) but the box is still empty. Will logging info appear there?

Success! Car added, but only 1 box have any info. But wife is out driving the car now, will investigatw further when the car is parked. Thany you for your swift response!

Excellent. The app is still new so I am learning how thing can fail as well :wink:

The API only sends changes when they occur. So to get things to populate you might need to use them. E.g. lock / unlock the car so the new status is sent to the server and then it should filter through to the app.

The car is an B250e, was interested in getting the battery status, but it is still blank. Unlock status have updated itself. I see great potential in automating the charge to just finish before i leave in the morning.

With the log enabled do you see a section with any of the charge status information?
I have just spotted an error in my logging so it will show two sections for “VS:[” instead of one for “EV:”, copy and paste error :frowning:
As I don’t have an EV I haven’t been able to test that section, so it could be the names of various things don’t match.

Again, could you keep the logging enabled for a while and then send it to me.