Mercedes Me


So there is an app for mercedes me

I have not tested it yet, but it says “The API is disabled by Mercedes. This app will not work anymore” i’m surprised it hasnt been deleted from the store then

I foudn the following

But i’m completely undertalented to make a Homey version of it

Where is the truth? :slight_smile:

The Home Assistant integration that you link to doesn’t use the official API but mimics the mobile Mercedes Me app. For the official API there’s another Home Assistant integration that works just fine, but is more limited.

Perhaps the Homey app is using a different/older API that has since been deprecated.

(FWIW, I’m using the one from Rene Nulsch and it’s great :smiley: )

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any chance to have a homey integration?

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You’d have to find someone to (re)write the app.

Reviving this post, would love a working Homey app back in store!

Looks interesting. I might have a play with this.

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I have published a new version of this app.
Mercedes Me App (Release 0.1.0 and Test 0.1.1) - Apps - Homey Community Forum (

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