iRobot Roomba s9+ and Brava Jet m6

Please add support for iRobot models Roomba s9+ and Brava Jet m6

Hi @Nitramevo the app is named strange but i have both devices added in homey via the iRobot Roomba app

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I have tried both the official app and the test app. And I can connect both devices but lose connection right after. It doesn’t work for me. What have you done?

Sorry gents, it looks like an abandoned app.
(Issues · Predjee/com.irobot.roomba980 · GitHub
GitHub - athombv/com.irobot.roomba980: Roomba 980 support in Homey)
Please follow the link in my 1st reply and request for a developer to continue the iRobot Roomba app (and donating an iRobot might help :wink: )