iRobot Roomba i7+

Hi will homey support roomba i7+ ? Found that now its only officialy supported roomba 980.

Thank you for answers :slight_smile:


I don’t think so because i have an I7+ and try to connect with it, but homey can’t find the machine.


I have it too but homey cant find it. So I hope they update roomba app for support of i7 :slight_smile:

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Would be highly appreciated. I7 here at home.


And you all, ofcourse made a request for adding support for it right.


Where can I do that? Sorry being n00b

So beeing a noob does mean you dont cant use the search option?

I got it running with IFTTT, i can even select which room it has to clean, works great. I made a flow in Homey to start an IFTTT applet, and IFTTT can connect with your iRobot Roomba i7+.

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Thx 4 the info.
That’s how I helped myself as well until now.
I was keen on gaining access to status (in operation, bin, full, etc.)

Will still hope for irobot app update.


My feeling is that it is a wifi or irobot problem not an app problem because when I open the irobot app and I go to settings, wifi settings and want to know the wifi data of the robot, I get an wifi-error with the text that i am not in the same wifi network and I am sure I am in the same network. That is why I think the Homey app can’t find my Roomba. Something is working against me maybe a router problem or something to do with the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz because my irobot is in 2.4 and my iphone is in 5 GHz I really don’t know. I think IFTTT goes via the cloud to my Roomba and the Homey app goes straight via Wifi.

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Hi all,
I have iRobot Roomba i9+ which also would be nice if we could get support for.

So you asked the devolper for adding support into the app?

That would be Athom.

I would like also support for the i7+

Indeed, would be great if iRobot i7 will be supported.

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Still no app for iRobot i7?

And you did ask athom for adding it into the app.

I am complete new here. So how does that work?

There is no support for the i7 roomba. But you can get it to ‘work’ using an ifttt flow…

There is support now! :wink: