Devices without apps

I am new to this forum and I am still trying to decide on whether I should go for Homey, or not.
One of the main issues that I think I see, is that many of my devices are not natively supported by Homey apps.
Just a few examples:

  • Winsol awning
  • Mitsubishi airco
  • Jablotron alarm system with door/window sensors, movement sensors, key fobs, sirens etc…

And that would be just a small part of devices without an app…I have quite a few devices with remote controls, but I usually have very little information about the communication methods and protocols they use. They typically came together with the installation.
So, does it make sense to go with Homey if so many devices are not supported, and if yes, then how to address this problem with non-supported devices, which is probably more the rule than the exception?

Hi Jos,
I took a look at your devices. It really depends on which radio protocol you are using. I integrate many non Homey compatible devices into Homey with Home Assistant. I’ve also checked this option, but not a single one of your devices is compatible here either. The last option is IFTTT. Please check whether the devices work with it.

It isn’t that dumb devices with a remote will become smart with Homey.
What do you want to archieve with Homey?

Or can you make them smart in another way? Adding a socket to measure and switch power?
Or for example by adding a bridge if the device isn’t able to connect direct.
And last: will you be able to make apps yourself for fe devices with an rf remote?

if Homey doesn’t support them do you have an alternative automation platform that will support them?

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Thanks Undertaker!
When you use Home Assistant, does it mean you have been implementing a Raspberry Pi to connect to those devices and then you connect your Raspberry Pi to your Homey?
I am not familiar with Home Assistant, nor with IFTTT, but are you suggesting that these platforms support more brands and devices than Homey?
But then, these solutions may require a level of technical insight I may not be able or willing to invest in it.
What about Broadlink? Could that be a solution you think?
PS: The automation on the Winsol awning is probably by Somfy (for sure the remote control is Somfy), so that could solve that problem perhaps?

Thanks Dijker,
I am not thinking about complex rules to be honest. It could be simple things like being able to open the gate, or activate the airco remotely before getting home. Or to close the gate in case of an alarm and switch on the lights, also of the awning. Or using my phone as the remote control for all my controllable devices in the house and the garden. Or - perhaps a bit more complex - having the awning opening in the morning automatically depending on the season, the weather forecast and the time the sun rises.
Does that make sense or am I expecting too much of what Homey can do for me?
I have no clue what it would take to make an app myself.
Apart from an alarm system, I have no automation platform today in place.
Replacing some sensors with compatible sensors is not too much of a problem, but we will not be replacing the awning or the garage door etc. simply because they don’t integrate with Homey.
Thanks again.

It is exactly like that

If the remote controls send via infrared, it works. Radio protocols with 433 or 868 MHz are also often used. You should check carefully which system the remote controls are using.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Somfy.

Then it will be easy, just use the somfy app, I think it is the RTS Protokoll.

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Thanks! This helps!