Keep Homey or not?

Just got my self a Homey Pro, and thought that I could replace my Tellstick and Smarthings hub with it…
So it doesn’t seem.

Question is: anyone else managed to add all of theirs 433Mhz, Z-wave and Zigbee devices that did work just fine in Smartthings or Tellstick(Telldus) , without adding the hub?

Regarding Smartthing, I only have a few devices connected, all Smartthings.
When it comes to my Tellstick, I have different brands connected, mostly 433Mhz, but also some Z-wave.

I’m actually considering returning the Homey, cause I’m also a little bit disappointed with the GUI & flexibility with the APP. Coming from Home Assistant, I really loved the flexibility.

Any thoughts ?

Return it.

I have a Homey pro and never managed to get any RF or IR device working. Homey is well known for that issue.
As for Zigbee: Philips Hue I could connect without bridge but the capacity is limited.

I do have to say there are indeed limits but still I do love it im able to program all of my ideas and have connected quite a lot of zigbee devices in the mean time (only have one 433mhz device my doorbell)

@stalebjerk What are your questions about what’s possible ?