Switchbot (with and without bridge)

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I’ve just received a Switchbot (link to product here) and I just want to know how to add it to Homey ?

I don’t have the “wifi bridge” but is it possible to add it via bluetooth to Homey ?

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There doesn’t seem to be an app for it, so there’s no support. In theory, it could be possible to create an app that would use BT to communicate with the device, but Homey’s BT support is limited.

Switchbot recommend IFTTT

I would assume that IFTTT will only work with the bridge/hub.

But cool to read that the BT API is open :+1:t2:

Thanks for answers :smiley:

That means we can imagine creating a Homey app with Switchbot BT API ? (sorry for dumb question I’m far to be a developer :sweat_smile:) And using Homey as “direct” Bridge for Switchbot ?


It should be possible :

There is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

Might be worth mentioning

Reach out to support@wondertechlabs.com, and we can offer you discount for SwitchBot Hub Plus (infrared control). It will denifitely save your time to develop, so you could explore more possibilities between Homey and SwitchBot.

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