Irobot M6 Mob appearing offline on Homey

Hey I own an iRobot M6 61380 MOB.I have to say it was difficult to connect this device to the app of iRobot itself. But I purchased the mob to connect it with homey. Unfortunately, I just can’t get a stable connection with this device via Homey. It always displayed as offline or unreachable on the homey app.
I removed the device from homey twice and re-connect it with the same result. So the third time I notice the homey cant even find to the Mob anymore. So now my question is, is there a way to connect it directly to Homey? Why does it appear permanently appear offline and how to connect it properly?
When trying to connect the device to the homey app there is no instruction on how to connect it to Homey. So if you have a good experience with connecting your M6 to Homey please share with me how you did it.
P.S. I want to keep the IFTTT option as a plan B, I am hoping for a direct connection to Homey.

Kind Regards!

I am also an owner of an iRobot Roomba S9+ and an iRobot Bravat Jet M6 who was hoping to integrate directly with Homey via the iRobot Homey app. Unfortunately it seems to be abandoned and it doesn’t work. The only way around this is your plan B, using IFTTT. It works OK, but not optimal.
It would be fantastic if iRobot themselves, Homey or someone else would take over the abandoned app and make it work.
Br Martin…