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@Peter_Kalrsson Please send a report when this happens.
I also heard the same happens for some VW users. :frowning:

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Last 4 days my “audi” is unavailable (red exclamation mark on the device). The myAudi Android app is working normally though (which means: it’s hardly functioning at all).

Are there more people with audi issues?

@zakraket what did you already try to fix it?

I tried restarting the app a few times, but that did not work … up untill now.

Here also problems, homey can successfully connect to my car but the data was last updated 5 days ago. Restarting the app and homey doesn’t help unfortunately.

You may have issue related to the acceptance of the Agreement - try to login on VW portal first and if you get popup, accept it and then restart the Homey app.
After those steps, if it will not work, send diag. logs from the app with description of the issues and maybe Martijn will have a look. But without sharing any additional details, it’s very hard to give you any guidance.

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@zakraket please send a report with debug enabled

@Leon_Oosterhuis this topic is for multiple brands and models. Please specify what car you’re having problems with

done (do I need to switch debug off again? it was already on, maybe more demanding of my 2019 homey)

@zakraket you can disable it.
I do see some API errors, but those errors look like API issues. Not really something i can do.
Will check the SDK if something is mentioned there

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My Cupra - battery level and other values are not updated if you don’t kill the Homey app and restart it again. I have seen this so many times now, so I have scheduled a restart of the Cupra Homey app.

Diag no:

@Peter_Kalrsson yep known problem also for VW and Audi

Unfortunately no fix yet.

@martijnpoppen It has been a while, but did you check if it’s possible to get the status of the windows and sunroof, en show it in the homey app? Home Assistant is able to display the status, so maybe it’s also possible in Homey.

Just showing the status should be enough, so it’s possible to create a flow for example: If the car is not moving AND is locked AND window and/or sunroof is open THEN notify: the car has windows/sunroof open, don’t forget to close it manualy.

@FKok I didn’t check as i never got a reply back from you :wink:

Just created a report, hope it’s enough : f222c037-5d79-4312-9b06-ffa65ae8cbc9

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Hi Martijn,

I tried to add my Skoda Enyaq iV 80 (2022), but the app doesn’t seem to find my car.
I tried to add it via → Skoda - Elektrisch → Installeren → Skoda (Enyaq) → ->Login => Er zijn geen nieuwe apparaten gevonden.

I do see my car in the MySkoda Connect app. I did logoff and login again, but did not have to approve anything.

I am using the MySkoda app version 1.25.4, Homey Pro version: 10.2.0
I have created a diagnostical report: 8d648313-20ec-476d-adf6-f7af947da93e

Is there anything else I can check?

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Hey @Jos_Stultjens
Looks like you already took the necessary steps.

The log is a bit limited.
Can you try to restart the Skoda app in Homey and try to add the car again, and send a new report after that

i hope i can see some more data

Hi Martijn,

This is the new log after restarting the app and trying agin to add the Skoda Enyaq.

LogId: 9d5d9a62-5f1c-4464-a033-623aeb3782cc

I hope you see more info now.

@Jos_Stultjens nothing to see. Looks like login is incorrect

That is strange, because when I enter the wrong password (on purpose) then I get a different error message: