[Apps][Pro] Polestar vehice app

I am here to announce the Homey Polestar App.

Right now its based on the Polestar user website. It can show the following details about the car:


  • See current SOC as Battery
  • See status of the chargeport (connected yes/no)
  • See status of the charge (charging yes/no)
  • See current range (in KM at this time)
  • See Remaining time for charge (only while charging)
  • See your current Odometer value (current KM’s driven)

So at least it can help making your smart charging routines a bit more smart.

Start by adding a new car from the Polestar app and enter your polestar credentials (these will be stored in encrypted state on your Homey). Next select your Polestars, the model should be reflected properly.

Do yoiu provide the car with it :rofl:.
Anyway great work