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Polestar for Homey Pro: Connect Your Car with Your Smart Home

Welcome, Polestar Drivers! :red_car::sparkles:

Introducing the Polestar app for Homey Pro – the perfect link between your stylish electric Polestar vehicle and your smart home. :house::electric_plug:

Please Note: This integration requires a Tibber account, which you can set up at no cost. Detailed setup instructions are provided below.

Features of the Polestar App:

  • Battery Level Check: Always know your Polestar’s battery status, ensuring you’re always ready to hit the road. :battery:
  • Charge Monitoring: Stay updated on your vehicle’s charging progress, giving you more time for relaxation. :coffee:
  • Estimated Range: Get insights on your car’s range, making every trip, whether planned or spontaneous, stress-free. :earth_africa:
  • Vehicle Status Updates: Keep in touch with your car’s condition, because your Polestar is more than just a vehicle – it’s part of your family. :heart:

Setting Up Your Tibber Account:

  1. Sign Up for Tibber: Visit the Tibber website and create an account. Tibber connects your Polestar to your Homey setup.
  2. Add Polestar as a Power-Up: In your Tibber account, find the option to add Polestar as a ‘Power-Up’. This allows for seamless integration of your vehicle’s data into the Homey ecosystem.

Installing the Polestar App on Homey Pro:

  • Simple Integration: Once your Tibber account is ready and Polestar is added as a Power-Up, install the Polestar app on your Homey Pro. Enter your Tibber details to sync your vehicle with your smart home.

Enjoy a harmonious living experience where your car and home are connected seamlessly.

Thank you for choosing the Polestar app for Homey Pro – where innovation meets convenience. Happy driving! :motorway::sparkles:

Update 31/12/2023


Love it! Great workaround using Tibber as a middleman!

BTW for all that’s not a Tibber customer; install the iOS/Android app to create an account without having a Tibber subscription :wink:

Hi there, how can i use the beta app ?
Which credentials do I need here? :

Is it my polestar ID?
My google account ?
The account I used as developer on the Volvo website?
The password = the key? or a password of any of those above?


This has been working great! It’s super useful. I am using it to create a proper smart charging plan with Easy Charge Controller, since Tibber’s plugin is kind of broken in that it doesn’t let you manually adjust target SoC and just assumes 100%. For me, that’s 30% wrong and the resulting Tibber smart charging interval is 3 hours off. That is fixed with bwa’s ECC app.

However, it stopped working yesterday with no more updates. After restarting app, the error is : "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading “lastSeen”). I have not yet tried removing and adding the car again, since I then have to fix several flows. There is no “repair” option, in case I have to sign in to Tibber again.

Diagnostics sent, in case it is useful.

Hey there! :wave:

It turns out the issue you were facing was due to a minor change in Tibber’s API, which caused the driver to crash. The good news is that this has now been fixed. You should be able to use the app without any further issues. If you still encounter problems, feel free to reach out again! :blush:

Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in the app and for getting in touch. Unfortunately, the new driver is currently on involuntary hold due to some issues with Volvo’s Energy API. I’ve been encountering 404 (not found) error messages, which is a recognized issue with their API. Regarding your question about credentials, typically, it’s the account you used as a developer on the Volvo website, and the password would usually be the key provided there. However, given the current API issues, it might be best to wait for an update. I’ll keep monitoring the situation and will send out a test update as soon as everything is back up and running.

Really appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. If there are any changes or updates, I’ll make sure to let you know! :blush:

Awesome - thanks! ‘test’ version works great.

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Could this be made the same way for the Volvo X40 P8?

Hi, I’ve heard that if you reach out to the vehicle too often to get its battery SOC you could drain the 12V battery, for example if you long term park and have to wake it all the time, is this a real problem? I would obviously like to get the soc as often as possible but not if there is a risk of coming to a dead car. I notice the default value in the app is 60 min, is that then the call to the Tibber app or directly to the car?

Thank you for your feedback! It’s a great question about the frequency of querying the vehicle’s battery SOC and the potential impact on the 12V battery.

You’re right to be cautious about waking the car too frequently, especially when parked for long periods. However, in the context of the app you’re referring to, you shouldn’t worry about it affecting your car’s battery life. The app relies entirely on Tibber’s data from the vehicle, and Tibber is well-aware of how often to safely pull data from the car. This means that the frequency of data retrieval is managed by Tibber, not directly by the app.

As for your query about the 60-minute default value in the app, this is related to the interval at which the app requests data from Tibber. It’s independent of when Tibber last retrieved data from the car. So, the app’s data refresh rate does not necessarily correlate with the frequency of Tibber querying your vehicle. This design aims to balance the need for up-to-date information with the importance of vehicle battery health.

I hope this clarifies your concerns. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

Maybe. Not sure. It really depends on what OS the infotainment system in the car runs. I’m pretty sure Volvo has public API’s you can access your car’s data from though.


I cannot get the connection to Car Stats Viewer to work. I have the app in the car installed and entered the ID and Secret in Homey and there is no errors, but there is no data in homey from the car.

Where do I start to troubleshoot? Please help :slight_smile:

You know what. Never mind. I have missed to enter the API credentials in the car. Did that. Worked instantly. Great app, Thanks!!

Any possibility to start heater/lock/open doors from homey in the future?

Hi, Regarding the Carstats Beta version of this app. I’ve been running it for a little while now, and i notice that the SoC does not change when the car is parked. Is this only in my case? I seem to remember that Tibber-version also updates the SoC when the car is parked?

Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile:

Regarding remote controlling vehicle features. This is currently not supported, and will likely not be supported. The Car Stats Viewer app uses the car’s built-in AAOS API. This theoretically means that you could control and monitor every aspect of the car, but in reality it’s not that simple. Some of the car’s API’s are “locked” for usage. Meaning you need a special “permission” to access this data, or control of the car. Car Stats Viewer doesn’t have this permission, and will likely not ever get it. These API’s are usually reserved for the manufacturer of the car. Theoretically, Polestar COULD give access, but again, likely won’t. Best hope is to just wait for an official Polestar API that would let us control the car and data. Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:


That’s correct. The car only sends data while the car is “active”. The car decides for it self when it is considered active, but usually this is while you’re driving, charging og pre-heating. The Tibber version does update the SOC when the car is inactive. This is because Tibber has access to Polestar’s official API, meaning they can query the car anytime for updates. Hopefully this will change in the future.

It does, thanks!
The app works great!

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Thanks @Coderax for this great work!

I already have Tibber and it works well. Seeing battery information is by far the most important for me. Have you also looked at the unofficial Polestar API that is used for Home Assistant? You can find source code here: GitHub - leeyuentuen/polestar_api: Polestar Api - Home Assistant Component

This option should give you quite some information without the need of installing an app on the car itself.

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Before I started developing this app, I regularly checked GitHub and other git sources for any unofficial or official Polestar APIs. I probably did a check about 3 times a week. Eventually, I gave up and decided to integrate with Tibber, as I couldn’t find any Polestar API.

I then added the “Car Stats Viewer” feature, which provides a lot of useful data. But just a few days later, maybe not even a week, I received an email from a guy. He wanted to let me know that he had also created a Polestar app for Homey, but Homey wouldn’t let him post it because of my existing app already in the Homey App Store. What he told me in the email was that he had developed a Polestar app using an unofficial Polestar API.

“WHAT?? WHEN? WHERE?”, I thought. A bit confused and agitated, I started Googling again. And guess what? There it was. Right there, on GitHub. An unofficial Polestar API, published A DAY after I published my app on the Homey App Store. Sitting there behind my computer, I couldn’t help but laugh, knowing I was only laughing because I was annoyed that I hadn’t kept checking. Nonetheless, he suggested that we merge our apps, combining all the existing features and the use of the unofficial API into one app. I’ve already accepted his offer, and I’m almost done integrating his code with mine.

This is an exciting update, allowing you to pull the car’s data, even when it’s off. I’ll have this release ready for publication within the weekend.

Thanks for using the app, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. :slight_smile:

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I am using the Polestar app for three weeks now. Overall, it is working well. I only face one problem. It often takes quite some time before the battery percentage is updated. I use the battery percentage to calculate how much I need to charge and use that to create a charge schedule to use the cheapest hours (I have dynamic pricing). Because there is quite some delay, it often happens that Homey thinks the battery has a much higher state of charge than it actually has. As a result, I don’t charge it enough.

I have implemented a workaround in my flow to restart the Polestar app when I connect my car to the charger. This triggers an update of the battery percentage and then I use that to calculate how much I need to charge. So it works, but it would be great if you can implement an action to force update the status. That would make it a bit more graceful than just restarting the app every time.

I figured it out:

in the carstatsviewerapp in the polestar go to: