[APP][Pro] Polestar

I am on 2.1.2 now. The old Tibber integration no longer works. Beta via the Carstat app hangs every now and then. New My Polestar always results in message that no car was found. Any idea or interest in debug messages?

I also think the CarStat App way doesn’t work when there’s another driver profile selected (without that app)

I am still on version 2.0.8 using the Tibber integration. Can anyone confirm that the new 2.1.2 version using the unofficial Polestar api works reliably? All I really need is the battery percentage.

The message from KaiF makes me hesitant to upgrade.

the Carstat version works well (except if the client on the car crashed - which it does every now and then).
The MyPolestar version still tells me that “no car was found” whenever I try to set up a new “Polestar” device in my Homey Pro 23.
maybe Coderax you are able to advice how I could support in debugging?

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