[APP][Pro] Polestar

Thats a part I did not look at yet, ill put it on my list to check. The workaround is fine I think :wink:
For me the CSV app is very unreliable in this 3.0.3 update on the Polestar, it crashes a lot and it doesnt send info sometimes for weeks. So I stopped using it for Homey flows.

As of today it is possible to see and change the charge limit in the Polestar app. This means it should also be available in an API. Would it be possible to add this to the Homey app? Read-only is sufficient for my use case.

I will look into this indeed :+1:t2:


Looks like its not in the API :frowning:

Hi. Are you tapping into the same API as tibber (if you are familiar with it)?

Hopefully they will update their API soon so both your app and Tibber will atleast be able to read the SOC limit.

I use the one behind the my.polestar.com site. I think Tibber does also. The app uses mqtt messages. So there are differences there.